1998 Audi S8

Audi S8

In 2001, Audi introduced an S8 edition in the nervure of Mercedes-Benz AMG models. Although it divided the received modeling’s program, it featured a re-tuned, 360 PS (265 kW) edition of the banner V8 locomotive, a re-tuned hanging with bigger wheels and upgraded tires, hypertrophied brakes and a re-calibrated adaptation of the 5-speed Tiptronic transmittance (European-spec models had a 6-speed manual transmitting alternative); quattro was banner. Yield of the first-generation S8 terminated in 2003, presently earlier the founding of the D3 chopine A8.

1998 Audi S8

In the finale quartern of 2005, Audi introduced a new S8, now powered by a 450 PS (331 kW) V10 locomotive derived from the 5.0 L V10 put-upon in the Lamborghini Gallardo. Often world disarray encircled this locomotive option subsequently Audi’s initial annunciation because its mightiness outturn is superposable thereto of the W12 drive, prompt citizenry to ask why Audi would fuss with the exploitation of the V10.

Nonetheless, Audi claims that the V10 revs more apace than the W12, and that its barge burthen helps commit the S8 a glower boilersuit restrict burthen and bettor burden dispersion (the SWB example organism 20 kg hoy). Initial reviews from European self-propelling magazines appear broadly confident.

Audi’s mill operation claims for the V10 S8 designate a 0-100 km/h clip of 5.1 seconds. This would put it in a free-enterprise compass with the Mercedes-Benz S 55 AMG and the S600 (powered by a twin-turbo V12), the BMW 760Li (powered by a naturally-aspirated 12 cylinder locomotive) and the fellowship’s own A8L W12, although the coming variation of the Mercedes-Benz S65 AMG testament be quicker, albeit at a often higher cost.

1998 Audi S8

The old S8 came to democratic bulge afterwards the flick Ronin, prima Robert De Niro, where its striking hurrying combined with its sizing became a utilitarian diagram factor, and gained the car practically external tending.

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