1997 Ford El Falcon Gt

Ford EL Falcon GT

The Fording EL Falcon is a lifesize car that was manufactured by the Fording Motive Troupe of Australia ‘tween 1996 and 1998. The EL Falcon served as the net chapter of the one-fifth genesis “E-series” architecture, which began with the EA of 1988. Fording discontinued the car in 1998, and replaced it with the AU. In its life, the EL was one of the nearly pop Falcons produced; Crossing sold more ELs terminated two geezerhood, than it did AUs o’er quadruplet age.

1997 Ford El Falcon Gt

Fording washed-out AU$40 gazillion for the developing of the EL. At plunge, it was the sole Australian-built car weaponed with a driver’s air bag touchstone crosswise the add-in, with a rider airbag usable as an supernumerary price pick. Likewise wish its predecessors, the EL Falcon was victimized mostly as a cruiser and played a prevailing function in the Australian taxicab diligence.


1997 Ford El Falcon Gt

The EL served as a rhytidoplasty of its precursor, the EF Falcon, which began output in 1994. The “E-series” architecture can hint its roots backbone to 1988 with the EA. Crossing introduced a figure of improvements aimed at extending the spirit of the “E-series” soundbox patch the AU Falcon was organism highly-developed, which resulted in the highest e’er one-year sales of a Falcon.

Facelift and upgrades

Compared to the EF, the nigh obvious optical commute was the reappearance of the figurehead wicket for GLi and Futura models. The grill itself was now egg-shaped in conformation, a trait divided by over-the-counter Crossing models useable at the metre. The boilersuit impression was to consecrate the strawman of the car a rounded optical base, chronic a slip outside from the angulate aero elan of the other “E-series” models. From the behind, brownish-yellow indicators were fitted on the stand saloon models, with ovalbumin lenses reserved for the luxuriousness and place wagons. The functioning models (XR6 and XR8) saw revised quadruplet headlights.

1997 Ford EL Falcon GT

Upcountry upgrades came in the manakin of reshaped seating and headrests, new color schemes and switches. Third-row seats, a consignment roadblock, and preinstalled wiring to conciliate cellphone custom were made usable as options for the waggon variants. Additionally, all models were fitted with an advance windowpane movie recognise as “Ache Tone”, which claimed to ply eq security levels of SPF15 sunblock. For improved fomite nicety, thicker spyglass was installed to decrease lead disturbance and a boost insularity was added in the splashboard to grow a quieter rag.

1997 Ford El Falcon Gt


The Futura discrepancy of the EL Falcon (portrayed), and all subsequent trimness levels, featured anti-lock brakes first.

The EL introduced alone nipper run changes to the Falcon’s stand framework straight-six locomotive, when compared to the extremist overtake presented by the EF. The coil-pack ignition introduced in the EF was furled dorsum to the distributor-style inflammation from the ED Falcon due to dependability problems. A shared air initiation piping which led to the confine was replaced with a ace, wider tube. Locomotive yield remained unaltered at 157 kilowatts (211 hp) and 357 n metres (263 ft·pound). In October 1997, the V8 locomotive fitted to the XR8 sports example was upgraded from 170 kilowatts (228 hp) to 185 (248 hp). Torsion figures were too upped from 398 n metres (294 ft·pound) to 402 (296 ft·lb).

1997 Ford El Falcon Gt

Handling and braking

The EL bought with it improvements to braking and treatment. Speed-sensitive ability steerage on the Fairmont Ghia made parking more straight, without conciliatory high-velocity guidance. With the creation of the new example, buyers could now leverage a Falcon with measure (optional on GLi) anti-lock brakes featuring the up-to-the-minute Bosch 5.3 faculty. Mayhap the biggest promotion with the EL was the improvements to the manipulation woes of the EF, with improvements constituted to the abatement and steerage. Engineers at Tickford had observed that by threatening the pin gunpoint of the W’s linkages in the backside reprieve by 20 millimetres (0.8 in), that the peal oversteer impression which plagued the EF could last be eliminated. Antecedently on EF models, during grueling cornering the ass of the car much matte as if it could not maintain with the breast, due to the departure in scroll value ‘tween the battlefront and ass respite. The answer of this produced irregular car treatment occasionally, where the delayed angle carry-over at the ass would search to wrong the wholeness of the international behind tire clutches. This was overstated level boost in wet endure or on vehicles fitted with pitiable tyres. Although this trouble was addressed to a stage in the EFII update, it was the EL that became the first layer Falcon to have a ass abeyance frame-up that would accompaniment the preciseness of wrack and shackle guidance introduced in the EA Falcon octad days originally. The improved abeyance geometry allowed Crossing to damp the leap rates on both movement and ass on the EL for a more compliant rally, as the driver no thirster had cast oversteer to check.

1997 Ford El Falcon Gt

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