1996 Renault Safrane

Renault Safrane

The Renault Safrane is an administrator car intentional and reinforced by the French maker Renault from 1992 to 2000. Passim its lifetime it remained the almost expensive and nigh voluptuary Renault useable. It was replaced by the Vel Satis, and to around extent by the fugacious two-door Avantime.

1996 Renault Safrane


The Safrane was launched in belated 1992 as a 1993 modeling to supersede the ageing Renault 25 in the life-size commercialize section. Its unobjectionable, sleek styling was rather conservativist and identical distinctive of other Nineties car innovation, besides rather evocative of the 25’s.

1996 Renault Safrane

All Safranes were five-door liftbacks with transversally mounted engines. Front-wheel-drive and all-wheel-drive versions were usable, with a compass of gasolene or diesel engines and manual or robotic transmissions. All gasolene engines were fuel-injected and were fitted with three-party catalytic converters, prn in Europe later 1993 for engines of all sizes. The Safrane was likewise the commencement Renault to be equipt with air bags.


The Safrane carried complete the Renault 25’s five-door liftback innovation that had gained wide-cut client espousal in France. Scorn the traditional orientation for saloon bodies in the administrator car section, Renault distinct to contend on the foot of added practicality of the behind tailboard and split-folding ass bottom (not uncommitted from about sedan-bodied competitors), likewise as originality. Tending the taste for German sedans from Audi, BMW and Mercedes-Benz of many administrator car buyers, this can be viewed as commodity merchandising manoeuvre, allowing Renault to hooking the buyers looking alternatives anyways, quite than vie frontal. Interestingly, the Safrane featured slenderly (but visibly) unlike battlefront ends in unlike breast versions, in an endeavor to accent the unequaled condition of more upmarket models.

1996 Renault Safrane

The Safrane’s conception was a moot feat to overtake the 25’s briny weaknesses – deficient figure hardness and hapless anatomy timbre. Renault was too stabbing to takings dissonance step-down to best-in-class levels. These constraints resulted in a often heavier car than its precursor (+200-300 kg / 440-660 lb.) due to a intemperately strengthened frame and the broad use of sound-proofing materials.

At launching in 1992, the Safrane offered six engines including one diesel:

  • 2.0-liter, 8v I4, 107 bhp (in markets such as France where locomotive sizing was a factor annual enrolment costs)
  • 2.2-liter, 8v Douvrin I4, 110 bhp (in former markets)
  • 2.0-liter, 12v I4, 140 bhp (lone in markets such as Italy where engines supra 2 liters are hard taxed)
  • 2.2-liter, 12v Douvrin I4, 140 bhp (in former markets)
  • 3.0-liter, 12v PRV V6, 170 bhp
  • 2.1-liter, 8v I4 turbodiesel, 90 bhp
  • The Safrane’s plunge was disengage of the inscribe bod tone problems that sunk the Renault 25’s vocation. Critics praised the car’s prosperous and roomy inside, first-class interference insularity, and penetrative manipulation. Nonetheless, the manual contagion’s cable-actuated sceneshifter (a commencement on a Renault) drew enceinte critique for its cartilaginous, incommunicative opinion that spoilt the impulsive see – a pregnant issuance in the European marketplace where more 80% of cars sold are manuals.

    Critics would too resolve that the car’s speedup and fire thriftiness was not capable the rival’s standards, pointing out towards the locomotive’s congener miss of powerfulness and torsion compared to the fomite’s burthen. As a solution, sales out-of-door France (where internal predilection guaranteed goodness results) remained circumscribed, and the Safrane did not breakout the Germans’ mesh on the administrator car grocery.

    In belated 1993, a 115-bhp, 2.5-liter turbodiesel has been added to the stove, increasing Safrane’s attraction, yet it faced hooligan contention from like Audi’s 140-bhp direct-injection diesel of the like sizing, introduced a few months afterwards in the Audi 100.

    1996 Renault Safrane

    Safrane Biturbo

    In 1994, Renault launched the high-performance Biturbo rendering. This example featured a twin-turbo, 280-bhp development of the 3.0-liter V6, highly-developed with the aid of German tuning loyal Hartge, conjugate with all cycle effort. Withal, it was solitary usable with a manual transmittal, as no reflex gearbox existed anyplace in the man for a transversally mounted locomotive of that h.p. with AWD. Presumption that robotic transmissions and V8 engines are powerfully pet in the toll grade where Biturbo competed, it is not surprising that sole 535 Biturbos were sold.

    1996 Renault Safrane


    Renault gave the Safrane a major advance in 1996 in gild to renovate sales. The strawman and backside ends of the car were restyled in a often more mod manner and the equipment levels upgraded middling. The conception that every shave layer got a slimly dissimilar front was maintained. A redesign of the manual transmittal’s line actuator resolved the shift-quality matter, patch a new Aisin Warner reflex transmittance replaced the reasonably undependable Renault whole.

    The locomotive card was all renewed:

  • 2.0L, 16v Volvo B41 I4, 140 bhp
  • 2.5L, 20v Volvo B524 I5, 170 bhp
  • 3.0L, 24v PSA ES V6, 192 bhp
  • 2.2L, 12v I4 turbodiesel, 115 bhp
  • The 4- and 5-cylinder gas engines were Volvo designs and their comprehension in the Safrane card was a resultant of Renault’s transient alignment with the Swedish automaker in the former Nineties (the B41 was besides fitted in roughly Lagunas). The V6 was an all-new PSA-Renault designing and drew across-the-board extolment for its abundant low- and mid-range torsion, level if the Germans offered 10-20 bhp more out of the like shift. The turbodiesel was an all-new in-house figure and was advantageously standard too.

    End of life and future of Renault’s executive offerings

    The modernization did not produce a meaning discovery in sales results, and the example was eventually discontinued in 2000, having sold less than the Renault 25 it had replaced. For 2001, it was replaced by the often more radically styled Vel Satis, attended by the archetype “improbable 2-door” Avantime. The Vel Satis does not do too good either, patch the Avantime’s excogitation didn’t incur far-flung toleration in the market and the modelling was apace discontinued.

    1996 Renault Safrane

    Renault’s dingy functioning in the administrator car section for the yesteryear xv days, combined with its successful putsch of Nissan, birth led about manufacture observers to reflect whether the companionship testament extract of the section completely and endeavour to base Nissan’s Infiniti opulence blade in Europe alternatively.

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