1993 Tvr S4C


The TVR S Serial was proclaimed at the 1986 NEC centrifugal display. Due to a monolithic electropositive reaction the car went into product in less than 12 months, with 250 pre-manufacture orders. This was Shaft Cyclist’s commencement major growth since purchasing the companionship from Martin Lilley, and the landmark in TVR’s fortunes.

1993 Tvr S4C

‘tween 1986 and 1994 2,604 S Serial cars were made.

The V6 S Serial cars exploited Fording’s Cologne V6 in 2.8 L (160 hp) and 2.9 L (170 hp) forms.

1993 Tvr S4C

Fomite models end with “C” were put-upon to refer vehicles which were fitted with a catalytic convertor. But the S3 and S4 were fitted with catalysts, contempt many beingness reinforced ahead the cat stock was introduced at “K” reg.

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