1992 Renault 19 Baccara 5 Door

Renault 19 Baccara 5-door

The R19 was presented in June 1988, with sales in the domesticated French mart rootage in September 1988. It was the substitution for the 9 and 11, both of which were aging and superannuated by the later Eighties. The R19 was styled by Giorgetto Giugiaro, featuring Renault’s new E-type (or “Vigour”) 1.4 L locomotive and F-type 1.7 L versions. Pedestal models primitively exploited the OHV C-type Cléon 1.2 and 1.4 L engines, contingent the commercialise. Patch earlier lonesome uncommitted with an atmospherical diesel, a turbocharged variant appeared in betimes 1992.

1992 Renault 19 Baccara 5 Door

Intended to be Renault’s finish numeric-named car, the 19 ushered in a new designation insurance, with the taproom versions of the 19 existence known as the 19 Chamade to severalise them from the hatchbacks. The saloon outset appeared for the 1990 exemplar yr. In many markets the Chamade badge was dropped followers the 1992 rhytidoplasty, with around replacement it with the “Europa” tag. In 1991 a translatable bodystyle reinforced by Karmann was offset shown; a real few of these were reinforced with the stage I pattern.

Although the R19’s outside conception (which was comparatively materialistic, same that of the Renault 9/11) standard a hushed reaction, it was praised for its internal consolation and manipulation.

1992 Renault 19 Baccara 5 Door

For the fire injected top versions a four-speed machinelike contagion became useable in the capitulation of 1990. Lesser versions distillery made do with quartet or five-speed manuals or a three-speed robotic.

A transformable rendering appeared in other 1992, but useable with the two about sinewy locomotive options.

1992 Renault 19 Baccara 5 Door

In the summertime of 1992, a revamped simulation was introduced with a well restyled strawman and bottom, spell LHD commercialize versions standard a new splashboard and home – RHD models maintained the archetype excogitation. With the rhytidoplasty, littler “Push”-series units gradually replaced the old pushrod items, and 1.8 liter engines appeared at the top of the card where they replaced the more herculean 1.7 units (the F3N).

1992 Renault 19 Baccara 5-door

The R19 was sold in nigh of Europe until 1996, and was produced for Southward American markets in Argentina until 2000. Turkish product lasted a piddling yearner than in the relaxation of Europe, besides until around 2000. The R19’s program and working pitch would preserve to be victimized in its substitute, the outset propagation Renault Mégane.

1992 Renault 19 Baccara 5 Door

The Renault 19 was awarded the 1989 Car of the Class in Spain and Germany, 1990 Car of the Twelvemonth in Ireland, and 1993 Car of the Twelvemonth in Argentina.

16S hot hatch

The Renault 19 16S hot hachure, added to the card in the fall of 1990, had a typical air recess on the cowl, a behind coddler, 15 in “Speedline” metal wheels, position skirts, counterpart headlamps, bucketful seating, and a misstep calculator. The “S” is for Soupapes, French for valves. The braking organisation was uprated to admit 259 mm (10.2 in) vented discs on the breast and 237 mm (9.3 in) discs on the ass too as an uprated glower dangling frame-up. Form 1 editions benefited from unequaled strawman and backside bumpers with strawman indicators resettled into the bumpers to allow the match headlamps, spell the Form 2 maintained the pilot bumpers institute passim the compass but added colour-coded a-one, gumshoe inserts, and a discerning depress divider.

The rattling finis models were called Administrator and came with leather midland as stock. A 16S adaptation was besides produced in Europe which was furnished as supra – nonetheless, the earlier models did not mutant the hood outlet. The form 2 models cogwheel ratios were likewise revised to provide the spare burden establish in the condom equipment the after models carried. Renault claimed an speedup from 0 to 100 km/h (62 mph) of 8.2 seconds. Apiece framework boasted 137 PS (101 kW; 135 hp) in a catalysed cast and a top speeding of 215 km/h (134 mph). Form I included a non-catalysed edition with 140 PS (103 kW; 138 hp).

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