1992 Fiat Cinquecento Elettra

Fiat Cinquecento Elettra

The Rescript Cinquecento was a metropolis car launched by Decree in belated 1991 to supplant the Rescript 126. It was the offset Order modelling to be entirely manufactured in the FSM set in Tychy, Poland, which was barely sold to Rescript by the Refinement submit, and where the product of the 126 (in its Finish variation, the Polski Decree 126p) was stillness operative. The product of the Cinquecento over in 1998, when it was replaced by the Seicento.

1992 Fiat Cinquecento Elettra

The Cinquecento was uncommitted in one consistency fashion lone, a diminished, angulate 3-door hatchback, with a golden dredge coefficient of alone 0.33. It featured respective advances compared to old Order metropolis cars, including freelance abatement both in the movement and in the bum, movement record brakes, english shock bars on with rumple zones integrated in the invention and galvanized eubstance panels to avert erosion. Guidance was by torture and quill, and although powerfulness steerage was ne’er offered, the car could be arranged with a routine of extras, including primal lockup, index windows, sunshine-roof (or uncut retractable examine cap in the Soleil variation) and eventide air conditioning.


Different the rear-wheel crusade 126, the Cinquecento was a front-wheel cause car. It was initially useable with two locomotive choices, with the 1.1 L Flack connexion the card afterward. Interestingly, spell the 704 cc locomotive was mounted longwise, the larger units were fitted transversally, fashioning the piddling Order one of the few cars in the humankind usable with both configurations concurrently.

704 cc

The smallest locomotive, intended purchasable in Poland sole, was a 704 cc ohv two-cylinder whole, delivering 30 bhp DIN (22 kW. Cinquecento genetic this whole from the 126p BIS, an phylogenesis of the 126p which was off when the Cinquecento yield started. In ordering to be fitted in the front-wheel effort Cinquecento, it underwent a major restoration (although the locomotive stillness employed a carburetor), which resulted, among over-the-counter changes, in the crankshaft revolving in the paired management than in the 126p BIS!

903/899 cc

1992 Fiat Cinquecento Elettra

The larger locomotive was the 903 cc 40 bhp DIN (29 kW) rendering of the old-timer ohv four-cylinder locomotive, which saw overhaul in many belittled Edict models, start with Edict 850. It was fitted with fire shot and was the pedestal locomotive in well-nigh markets. Due to financial limitations, the supplanting of this whole was circumscribed to 899 cc in 1993, with a little simplification of turnout, now producing 39 PS ECE (29 kW).

1.1 FIRE (Sporting)

1992 Fiat Cinquecento Elettra

In 1995, Order introduced the Cinquecento Sportsmanlike, featuring the 1.1 L ohc Ardour 54 hp (40 kW) ECE locomotive and a 30mm bead in stock dangling, 13 edge admixture wheels as stock, coloring coded bumpers and mirrors and a tach dial. It is the sportsmanlike example which gave nascence to a rally prize and a Grouping A Kit-Car variation.

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