1991 Audi 80 Avant

Audi 80 Avant

The B3 got a major rhytidoplasty for the 1992 example yr in 1991. It was from so on known internally as the B4 (or 8C). Changes from the B3 included a thirster wheelbase, a full redesigned gas tankful and bottom axle to enable the use of stowable backrest seating, 15″ wheels and more big rack arches, redesigned and multi-colored arse and strawman bumpers likewise as higher-quality materials for the midland. The presence wicket was incorporated with the cap and presumption a bolder feeling.

In Europe, the 90 gens was discontinued and all sedans were badged as 80, disregarding of which locomotive they had. Audi of America went the opposition guidance, and began marketing the saloon as the 90. B4s for the American commercialise typically offered more lavishness evening in the stock reading, such as reflexive transmittal, sail ascendence, air conditioning and leather seating, all of which were just optional at extra be on European models.

European mart cars were now useable with a excerption of 4-cylinder engines besides as the I5 and two dissimilar V6, although the V6s were the just engines uncommitted in vehicles sold in Northerly America. As another commencement, Audi introduced a new high-torque, turbocharged diesel, the 90-hp 1.9 TDI. The measure 1.8 l gas locomotive of the B3 was discontinued; a two-liter, 90-hp, 4-cylinder gas locomotive, a mutation of the antecedently known 113-hp 2.0E locomotive, was now useable for the bag simulation.

All versions were useable with quattro all-wheel-drive; at the clip, yet, it could but be combined with a 5-speed manual transmittal. Additionally, Audi reinforced approximately 4000 units of the Quattro Contest, a street homologation of the B4-based DTM racer saloon with all-wheel effort and a 140-hp, two-liter gas locomotive. Jointly the S2 and the RS2, the Quattro Contest has get a extremely sought accumulator’s token.

Collectively the saloon, Audi began devising a B4-based waggon and a transformable which was mostly based on the B3 coupe, significant that Audi now had saloon, coupe, cab and waggon variants of the 80 uncommitted to European customers, though the end coupe sold to Northerly American customers was in 1990 and 1991.

The B4 saloon was discontinued at the end of the 1994 example yr; waggon and Coupe followed cause a twelvemonth after, the Cab framework still was carried on until 2000. Until so, the latter had undergone a few nestling touch-ups, such as softly redesigned bumpers and cat’s-paw clusters and more options usable. Both the Coupe and the Cab were efficaciously replaced by the TT coupe and runabout, which as of November 2005 birth been slated for transposition themselves.

The B4 program sedans and wagons were replaced by the Audi A4 for 1995.

1991 Audi 80 Avant

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