1991 Audi 100 Avant

Audi 100 Avant

A hard revised C3, the C4, was introduced in 1991. The C3-platform V8 continued to be sold as a fork job. The major commute was the foundation of a 2.8l V6 locomotive. It was subsequently united by a 2.6l edition. They were fundamentally the like engines as the two V6 introduced for the 1992 Audi 80. The selection of quattro all bike crusade was an pick crosswise the reach, and the Audi 100 quattro was uncommitted with a ZF 4-speed machinelike gearbox.

1991 Audi 100 Avant

For the 1995 manakin yr, Audi dropped the 100 nameplate, career it the A6 rather. In gain, what had antecedently been sold as the S4 became the S6, withal the two models became wholly main of one another later Audi’s permutation of the 80 with the A4 manakin in 1994. The V8 was finally replaced by the A8 in 1994.

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