1990 Fiat Tempra Sw

Fiat Tempra SW

The Decree Tempra was a category car produced by the Italian producer Order from 1990 to 1995.

1990 Fiat Tempra Sw

The Tempra was introduced in February 1990 as a permutation for the Edict Regata, and was highly-developed aboard the Alfa Romeo 155 and Lancia Dedra on the Order Tipo chopine. The car was mainly useable as a four-door pothouse and four-door land, though a two-door pub was likewise offered in Brazil. In Europe, the Tempra was aimed at the militant heavy class car commercialize, which was at that meter henpecked by the Opel Vectra, Peugeot 405 and the Fording Sierra. The car was competitively priced and was broadly considered a budget alternate to former more effected cars in the sphere, though around sumptuousness features, such as a digital cat’s-paw bundle, were uncommitted.

1991 saw the gain of a four-speed automatonlike contagion to the 2.0ie manakin, with switchable modes (formula or variation), whilst the 2.0ie waggon was likewise usable with a full-time 4wd arrangement in 1992, the latter besides featuring ventilated discs at the strawman, solidness discs at the backside and ABS. The Tempra was extensively revised in 1993 when a new grillwork was adoptive, aboard improvements to the inactive guard such as side-impact bars, a reinforced floorpan and bulkhead and over-the-counter improvements. More changes came a twelvemonth afterward when the framework appointment organization was changed, and a multi-point fuel-injected 1.6 L SOHC locomotive (rated at 90 bhp) was introduced. Inner trimming and equipment was improved and a driver’s position airbag and ABS appeared on about models.

The Tempra remained in yield until 1995 when it was discontinued and replaced by the Order Marea (which was based on the program of the Decree Assassin).


1990 Fiat Tempra Sw

The Tempra locomotive scope consisted of the followers:

  • 1.4 L (1372 cc) SOHC I4 (76 bhp or from 1992, 69 bhp with fire shot and catalytic convertor)
  • 1.6 L (1581 cc) SOHC I4 (84 bhp or 77 bhp with injectant and catalytic convertor)
  • 1.8 L (1756 cc) DOHC (109 bhp or from 1992, 105 bhp with fire shot and catalytic convertor)
  • 1.9 L (1929 cc) SOHC diesel I4 (65 bhp)
  • 1.9 L (1929 cc) SOHC turbodiesel I4
  • 1.9 L (1929 cc) SOHC turbodiesel I4 (90 bhp, rated at 80 bhp with EGR)
  • 2.0 L (1995 cc) SOHC diesel I4 (113 bhp, with catalytic convertor and fire shot)
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