1988 Volkswagen Passat

Volkswagen Passat

The tertiary propagation Passat (introduced 1988 in Europe, 1990 in N America, 1995 in S America) was a entirely new car. Its sonsie looks were a humanity out from the box-shaped show of its precursor and owed lots to the “Gelatin Stamp” stylus pioneered by Crossing with the Sierra. The want of a lattice made the car’s front styling evocative of sr., rear-engined Volkswagens such as the 411.

1988 Volkswagen Passat

At the sentence it was the kickoff Passat to be reinforced on an severally intentional chopine, instead than share-out one with an Audi taproom. Alternatively, the car, although designated B3 in VW’s chopine language, was mostly on the A Chopine as secondhand for the littler Golf example. Sole saloon and wagon versions were usable, without the fastback pick of old models. It was marketed nether the Passat epithet altogether markets.

The fire injected engines were all new and gave improve functioning and nuance than the carburetor units antecedently exploited. They were mounted transversally, and the floorpan was engineered to have VW’s Syncro 4wd organization. Volkswagen’s new 2.8 V6 VR6 locomotive (besides secondhand in the Golf and Corrado) was besides made uncommitted in 1991, big the top-of-the-range Passat a top speeding of 224 km/h (139 mph).

1988 Volkswagen Passat

1993 facelift

The Mk 3 Passat was intemperately facelifted in 1993, and as a outcome it has sometimes been referred to as the Mk IV Passat; Volkswagen level renamed the chopine B4. This interpretation was useable from 1995 to 1997 in N America.

1988 Volkswagen Passat

Though the car was automatically almost superposable to the archetype Mk 3, but for the carried-over windows, every extraneous eubstance gore was new. The almost obvious outside modify was the re-introduction of a lattice to equal the dash of the over-the-counter same-generation Volkswagen models, such as the Mk 3 Golf, whose styling base didn’t pursue on from the pilot Mk 3 Passat. The land edition, yet, identified the liaison to the master Mk3. The internal innovation was likewise updated and improved condom equipment including treble presence airbags were added.

The car was uncommitted with a TDI diesel, an inline 4 cylinder 1.9 L turbo diesel, generating 210 N·m (155 ft·lb) of torsion at 1900 rpm, 90 PS (66 kW) at 3750 rpm. VW introduced the TDI locomotive to the Northward American commercialize in the 1996 B4 Passat, with a U.S. EPA fire efficiency valuation for the saloon of 45 mpg highway (5.2 L/100 km). Combined with a 70 L (18.5 U.S. gal) fire cooler, it had a 1300+ km (800+ mi) stove on a one cooler of fire, well-nigh unheard of in the Northerly American commercialize. The TDI rendering is in eminent involve nowadays and commands a mellow resale damage in the U.S. due to its fire thriftiness and power to operate topically produced biofuels. The B4 TDI waggon (ofttimes known by the European soubriquet “Variance”) is evening rarer, fewer than Century having been imported to the US during its 1996 to 1997 life.

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