1988 Renault 19 16S 3 Door

Renault 19 16S 3-door

The Renault 19 was a pocket-sized folk car produced by the French maker Renault ‘tween 1988 and 1995.

Released in 1988, the 19 was the replacing for the 9 and 11, both of which were senescence and out-of-date by the belatedly Eighties. The 19 was styled by Giorgetto Giugiaro, featuring Renault’s new E-type (or “Push”) locomotive in a 1.4 L translation and F-type 1.7 L and 1.8 L versions. Groundwork models ill-used the OHV C-type “Cléon” locomotive in either 1.2 L or 1.4 L capacities.

Intended to be Renault’s death numeric-named car, the 19 ushered in a new designation insurance, with the saloon versions of the 19 existence known as the 19 Chamade. Nevertheless, the “Chamade” badge was dropped pursuit the 1992 rhytidectomy. In 1991 a transmutable bodystyle reinforced by Karmann was introduced. Although the R19’s outside invention, which was comparatively buttoned-down, care that of the Renault 9/11, standard a quiet reaction, it was praised for its inner comfortableness and manipulation.

In the summertime of 1992, a revamped framework was introduced with a well restyled battlefront and bum, piece left campaign commercialise versions standard a new splashboard and midland – right effort models maintained the archetype figure.

The 19 was sold in Europe until 1995, and is lull produced for S American markets in Argentina. The 19’s program and functional gearing would keep to be exploited in its replacing, the outset multiplication Mégane.

1988 Renault 19 16S 3 Door

19 16v

The Renault 19 16v hot hatching had a classifiable air recess on the hood, a behind despoiler, 15 in “Speedline” metal wheels, sideskirts, pail seating and a slip calculator. The braking organisation was uprated to admit 259 mm vented discs on the breast and discs on the arse besides as an uprated lour suspenion apparatus. Form 1 editions besides benefitted from unparalleled breast and bum bumpers, spell the Stage 2 maintained the archetype bumpers plant passim the stove but added colour-coded top-notch,prophylactic inserts and discerning frown divider. The real death models were called executives and came with leather upcountry as stock. A 16s variation was too produced in Europe which was as supra but without a hood air. The gearing ratios were too revised to provide the supernumerary burthen constitute in the rubber equipment the ulterior models carried. 0-60 mph speedup multiplication were in the area of 8.2 seconds and boasted 137 bhp; an telling exploit for a 1.8 l usually aspirated locomotive in a middling priced belittled kinfolk car of its day. The 19 set the foundations, on with the Renault 5 GT Turbo, for the Renault Athletics section of the society, which develops high-performance tuned versions of criterion Renault cars.

1988 Renault 19 16S 3 Door

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