1986 Lamborghini Lm

Lamborghini LM

The Lamborghini LM002 is an SUV that was reinforced by the Lamborghini auto troupe ‘tween 1986 and 1993. Some 300 vehicles are thinking to deliver been reinforced. This was an strange leaving for Lamborghini who, until that gunpoint was principally known for high-performance thousand tourers and supercars.

1986 Lamborghini Lm

The labor primitively began in 1977 with a paradigm fomite codenamed the “Chetah” which Lamborghini had intentional in hopes of merchandising it to the US military. The master Chetah epitome had a rear-mounted Chrysler V8 locomotive. The paradigm was ruined during examination by the US military. This led Lamborghini to recrudesce the LM001, which was selfsame alike to the Chetah, but had an AMC V8 locomotive. It was last compulsive that the locomotive existence mounted in the back caused too many unfavourable treatment characteristics in an offroad fomite, and the LMA002 was reinforced with an altogether new form, moving the locomotive (now the V12 out of the Countach) to the figurehead. Later lots examination and neutering of the epitome, it was ultimately tending a nonparallel bit and became the kickoff LM002.

Fondly dubbed the “Rambo-Lambo”, its belligerent styling and sinewy locomotive made it a winner for Lamborghini. Civilian models were outfitted with a wide-cut lavishness bundle, including good leather clipping, tinted powerfulness windows, air conditioning, and a bounty two-channel mounted in a ceiling comfort. In decree to fulfil the fomite’s fag necessarily, Lamborghini licenced Pirelli to pee-pee two usage, run-flat, step designs.

1986 Lamborghini Lm

The military rendering of the LM002 omitted around of the luxuries, and featured additions same climb points for automobile guns. The Saudi Arabian army coherent 40, apiece with the cap able-bodied to be open alike a concoct terminated the behind seating.

In 1988 Lamborghini sent an LM002 to a squad of limited engineers with the intent of fashioning it able of active in the Paris Dakar Cod. They stripped-down it of anything that added unneeded weightiness and gave it an upgraded dangling, locomotive modifications which brought it to 600 hp, wax roller coop, plexiglas windows, and GPS equipment. Regrettably, the money ran out ahead it could be formally be entered in rivalry, although it did enter in the Rallye des Pharaons in Egypt and another in Greece, both multiplication goaded by Sandro Munari.

1986 Lamborghini Lm

Cheeseparing the end of the LM002’s output, a Turin based autoshop proprietor created a one-off “Land” reading by envelopment the binding domain and rearing the cap. This added importantly to the upcountry board.


1986 Lamborghini Lm
  • Libyan leader Muammar al-Qaddafi reportedly arranged 100 of them for the use of Libya’s military.
  • Author Huntsman S. Thompson had one, and wrote roughly impulsive it on California freeways.
  • Instrumentalist Eddie Van Halen purportedly owned a melanize LM002 during the previous Eighties and other Nineties.
  • Indian Doer Amitabh Bachchan has one in his car assembling, it was purchased in the 1980’s.
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