1985 Subaru Alcyone

Subaru Alcyone

The Subaru XT, XT6, and Alcyone were showy coupes sold from 1985 to 1991 by Subaru. The XT was sold in Australia and New Zealand as the Whirlpool and the XT6 was sold in N America and Europe. The Alcyone was sold in Japan. All were usable before roll cause or all pedal effort (contingent the yr).

1985 Subaru Alcyone

The XT was replaced by the Subaru SVX in 1992.

The Alcyone is named astern the brightest maven in the Pleiades ace constellate, on which the Subaru logotype is based.

1985 Subaru Alcyone

Subaru has earned a report for design and selling strange vehicles-sometimes successfully, sometimes not. The Subaru XT is no exclusion. Offset introduced in February 1985 in the Joined States (June 1985 in Japan), the XT was a wedged-shaped expiration from the 1970s-influenced curves of the old models, aimed immediately at the spunk of the Eighties. When introduced, the New York Multiplication called it “the ultimate in flashy innovation”, in line to Subaru’s elder “cheesy and horrible” offerings. Its strange wedge led to the uncomplimentary cognomen, “fast-flying doorstopper”.

The XT was crocked with features seldom constitute on minor cars, such as a turbocharger, a computer-controlled locomotive and transmittance, adjustable elevation dangling and an optional digital tool clump. The XT besides had approximately features establish on few over-the-counter cars, such as an electronic in-dash stumble estimator, retractable flap screening the doorway handles, and a bingle wiper for the integral windscreen.


The 1985 XT was fitted with two engines:

  • EA82: 1781 cc F4 producing 97 hp (72 kW) at 5200 rpm and 103 ft·lb (140 Nm) at 3200 rpm (9.5:1 densification proportion)
  • EA82T: 1781 cc turbocharged F4 producing 111 hp (83 kW) at 4800 rpm and 143 ft·lb (194 Nm) at 2800 rpm (7.5:1 densification proportion) (About sources say 7.7:1.) In europe the exponent of the xt turbo was brocaded to 136 hp (100 kW)
  • 1985 Subaru Alcyone

    These engines divided the undermentioned equipment and specifications:

    1985 Subaru Alcyone
  • 1781 cc (108.7 in³) supplanting (92×87 mm/3.62×3.425″)
  • Multi-port fire injectant
  • I viewgraph camshafts (banknote that because these are matte engines, all are furnished with two such camshafts)
  • The XT was uncommitted with both manual and reflex transmissions. Other XTs were usable as either figurehead bicycle cause or parttime quadruplet roll campaign, selectable by a push atop the gearstick. Aft 1987, the role sentence four-spot roll driving organization was replaced with an all roll cause scheme.

    1985 Subaru Alcyone

    Features and options

    As mentioned supra, the XT was pie-eyed with strange features. Included on all models were:

  • Retractable door-handle flap
  • I presence wiper
  • Wheel with a one upright and a one horizontal radius
  • Pistol-grip sceneshifter
  • Microprocessor locomotive and transmittal direction
  • Wheel with both list and range registration
  • Cat’s-paw constellate that atilt with the wheel
  • Moreover, about models were weaponed with extra features:

    1985 Subaru Alcyone
  • Digital tool bunch that leaning with the wheel
  • Activate figurer with ambit/fire direction facilities
  • Pneumatic hanging with acme controller
  • Push-button quartet bicycle campaign (after changed to all rack campaign)
  • Mound bearer brakes, prevented trilled on hills in the manual transmitting adaptation.
  • Ilk otc Subaru models of the like vintage, the XT was sold in leash models: the base-model DL, the better-equipped GL, and the top-of-the-range GL-10. Many of the options mentioned supra were usable sole on the GL-10.

    Two F4-powered derivatives were sold in Japan: the quatern pedal ride Alcyone VR, and the battlefront roll crusade Alcyone VS. Both were weaponed with turbocharged motors.

    The XT standard a nipper update in 1987 for the indorsement one-half of the 1987 simulation yr, approximately like to the 1988 found of the XT6. Former XTs are well magisterial from after models by inspecting the taillight and verso ignitor form – betimes models had blow lights in the backside bumper, spell 1987 1/2-up models had the setback lights in the gist taillight board. All cycle cause turbo and six-cylinder models can be imposing by the anatomy of the headrests; groundwork models had solidness headrests, whereas the turbo AWD and six-cylinder models had a gravid orthogonal trap done the core.

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