1984 Chevrolet Camaro

Chevrolet Camaro

The third-generation Chevrolet Camaro was introduced for the 1982 example twelvemonth by Chevrolet. It continued to use Worldwide Motors’s F-body program and produced a “Twentieth Anniversary Commemorating Version” for 1987 and “Twenty-fifth Anniversary Inheritance Variant” for 1992. These were likewise the kickoff Camaros with manufactory fire injectant, four-speed automatonlike transmissions, five-speed manual transmissions, four-cylinder engines, 16-inch wheels, and hatchback bodies. For 1987 a transformable Camaro was reintroduced, born-again by ASC in comparatively diminished numbers. The third-generation Camaro continued done the 1992 exemplar twelvemonth.

1984 Chevrolet Camaro


The Third-Generation Camaro was released purchasable in December, 1981, source product on October 12, 1981. The 1982 manakin introduced the outset Camaros with a hatchback personify fashion, and such options as manufactory fire shot, and a four-cylinder locomotive. The Camaro Z28 was Drive Curve clip’s Car of the Class for 1982. 3 models were uncommitted: Play Coupe, Berlinetta, and Z28.

The Fun Coupe came measure with the 2.5 L (151 cu in) LQ9 four-cylinder locomotive. The 2.8 L (173 cu in) LC1 V6. the 5.0 L (305 cu in) LG4 V8 were optional. Dog dish-style hubcaps were banner; entire rack covers were optional as were brand, five-spoke 14×7-inch body-colored rag wheels.

The Berlinetta came with the banner 2.8 LC1 V6 or the optional 5.0 LG4 V8. The Berlinetta came banner with its own unparalleled 14×7-inch finned aluminium pedal with amber accentuation and ‘Berlinetta’ mall cap. Its own depress eubstance pin striping, golden ‘Berlinetta’ badging, and headlight pockets were calico in an accentuate semblance. The taillights got a amber and melanise horizontal partition bar. The upcountry came banner with usance material inside, a backside depot good back and extra rug on bum wheelhouses. It likewise came measure with extra torso insularism and total orchestration.

1984 Chevrolet Camaro

The Z28 came banner with the 5.0 L LG4 4-bbl V8 or the optional LU5 couple TBI ‘Crossbreeding Flak Injectant’ 5.0 L (305 cu in). The carbureted locomotive was uncommitted with either a four-speed manual or three-speed 350 locking machinelike contagion and produced 145 hp (108 kW), patch the optional Hybridisation Ardor Shot 305 was rated at 165 hp (123 kW). The new Camaro standard plus reviews for its styling and treatment, but was besides criticized for the low superpower ratings for the Camaro Z28.

The Z28s included jackanapes fibreglass SMC hoods with operative bonnet air generalization flap on RPO LU5 cars. The Z28 had a dissimilar nozzle, a three-piece bum pillager and presence, face, and ass lour eubstance valances in eloquent or gilt. Good supra the pelmet was a three-color depress soundbox chevron that surrounded the car. Headlight pockets on the Z28 were inkiness. Received were new 15×7-inch cast-aluminum five-spoke wheels stressed with fluent or amber. Z28 badges appeared on the rectify behind bumper and unofficially valances. On other models, if the “Conteur” mutant seating were selected as an pick, the rider arse was purposefully a uneven high-back bucketful bottom conception, due to product shortages of the rider buns.

The Camaro Z28 was the yard car for the 1982 Indianapolis 500 slipstream, and ended 6,000 appearing replicas were sold done Chevrolet dealers. The variant featured peculiar two-tone ag/dingy key and limited striping, orangish pin-striping on 15-inch (380 mm) Z28 wheels, and a facile/bluing inside with six-way Lear-Seigler manually adjustable seats. Locomotive choices in the step cars were the like as the unconstipated output Z28. The car that really paced the upshot was furnished with a extremely limited all aluminium 5.7 L V8 that was not uncommitted on the reproduction cars.


The Z28 engines were changed for 1983: the LU5 Crossfire 305 V8 was supplemented in April 1983 by an all-new 5.0 L L69 4 bbl 190 hp (142 kW) High-Output (HO) V8. This locomotive was lonesome useable with a manual transmitting in 1983. Due to its belated entry, 3,223 L69 V8s were sold for the 1983 manakin class.

Transmissions were upgraded for 1983. A Borg-Warner 5-speed manual transmitting replaced the old 4-speed. A 4-speed robotlike contagion with overuse replaced the 3-speed reflex transmitting in the Z28. The TH700-R4 reflexive overuse was besides uncommitted on the foundation coupe and Berlinetta, but was not useable with the L69 H.O. locomotive in the Z28 for 1983. Parenthesis from the new transmissions, bag coupe and Berlinetta carried on as in 1982 with selfsame fiddling commute otherwise freshly usable colours.


The new splashboard and controls were littler with bettor caliber and appearing. In the Berlinetta, the measure pawn bunch was replaced by electronic readouts, including a bar-graph tach and digital speedometer. The new dassie came with an smash comfort and pod-mounted controls for routine signals, cruise-control, HVAC, wiper, and headlights. The tuner was mounted indoors a pod on the cabinet that could pivot toward the driver or rider.

Drivetrain changes included the discontinuance of the LU5 305 Hybridizing Ardor V8, and the improver of a hydraulic batch linkage on manual transmittal cars. The L69 H.O. Z28 became useable with an robotic transmitting first.

The Z28’s consistency and features remained largely unaltered, demur the fibreglass SMC goon was replaced with a sword interpretation.

Route & Racetrack selected the 1984 Camaro/Hangbird as one of 12 trump cars in the humanity and in the Scoop Sports GT class in the $11,000 to $14,000 orbit. Car and Driver picked the 1984 Camaro Z28 as the better manipulation car reinforced in the Joined States.

1984 Chevrolet Camaro


For 1985, Chevrolet introduced the IROC-Z reading that was named afterwards the External Run of Champions. Offered as an choice software on the Z28, the Camaro IROC-Z featured an upgraded hiatus, lowered razz tallness, particularly valved Delco-Bilstein shocks, bigger diam rock bars, a direction/framing gallus known as the “inquire bar”, a extra decalcomania parcel, and an optional Tuned Interface Injectant scheme interpreted from the Corvette. It too divided the Corvette’s Goodyear “Gatorback” unidirectional tires in a 245/50/VR16 sizing vs. the Corvette’s 255/50/VR16 sizing, and standard unparalleled new al 5-spoke 16 by 8 in wheels. The new wheels were intentional with dissimilar offsets presence and arse, resulting in the speech “Forepart” or “Behind” form into the cheek of the wheels to tell which bike went where.

The Camaro IROC-Z was on Car and Driver clip’s Ten Trump inclination for 1985. The 305 c.i. 5.0-liter TPI LB9 was rated at 215 hp (160 kW), with the 4-bbl 305 LG4 at 155 hp, and the 4-bbl Highschool Outturn 305 L69 at 190 hp (142 kW). A sum of 2,497 L69 IROC-Z models were made for 1985. The LB9 was uncommitted sole on the Z28 and the IROC-Z exemplar with the TH700-R4 automatonlike contagion. Cc fivesome 1985 IROC-Zs equipt with the LB9 305 were made with the G92 (Functioning Axle Proportion) choice. The G92 pick upgraded the behind axle geartrain proportion from 3.23 to 3.42.

Besides new for 1985, all Camaros featured fresh noses, and new deeper valances and forepart pillager for the Z28 and the new introduced IROC-Z. The speedometers no yearner had the singular double-pointed goad that simultaneously learn mph and km/h: they were replaced by ceremonious single-pointer 85 mph (137 km/h) units.

For 1985 a (1C5) RPO California IROC-Z was too made, Chevrolet’s California Merchandising Grouping came up with the mind and it was purchasable in California but. A totality of 100 lightlessness and 400 red examples were produced. They were all equipt with the 5.0 TPI LB9 locomotive and TH700-R4 robotlike transmittance. All came furnished with the IROC-Z fog lights, wheels and earth effects, but with the fundament Camaro’s bonnet (no louvers), bottom decklid (no coddler), and no outside decals.


A new needful Mall Gamy Mounted Block Lamp (CHMSL) was installed on the Camaro. 1986 was the alone twelvemonth to see this connected to the hatchback methamphetamine aboard manakin Athletics Coupes, Z28s and IROC-Zs. In followers geezerhood it was unified into the behind decklid mollycoddler, exclude for 1987 fundament models that did not bear a pillager. This was the terminal class for the L69 5.0 305 HO 4-bbl selection, of which 63 were reinforced for racing as Canadian Thespian’s cars and 11 for populace sale, devising a summate of 74. The 2.8 L V6 was now the stock locomotive in the foundation simulation, replacement the 2.5 L I-4 exemplar. The 305 TPI LB9 h.p. valuation dropped from 215 hp (160 kW) to 190 hp (142 kW) in the IROC-Z models. All V8 engines standard a new one-piece bottom primary sealskin. In June of 1986, a few 5.7 L TPI weaponed IROC-Zs were released ahead the switchover to the 1987 framework yr yield.


The 305 4 bbl carb locomotive and 305 TPI with 5-speed manual transmittal, were uncommitted first on the IROC-Z28. The new 350 (RPO encrypt L98) was lonesome useable in the IROC-Z with an robotlike contagion. The TPI 350 motive was visually distinct from the TPI 305, as the bumper binding decalcomania had “5.7L” added to the “Tuned Interface Injectant” decalcomania. It can likewise be set by checking the VIN (8th fiber, F=305, 8=350). The 305 TPI equipt with reflexive transmittal came with 190 hp, piece the Manual 305 TPI got a 215 hp (160 kW) valuation. The 350 L98 gave a advance to 225 hp @ 4400 and 330ftlb @ 2800. All V8 engines standard hydraulic roll lifters and new valve binding/caput conception. Valve covers featured new waterproofing and plaza bolts in the valve covers. Heads featured new elevated lip for improved valve blanket waterproofing and the two centre inlet bolts were changed from 90-degree preference to 72 degrees. G92 and L98 cars got the Borg-Warner HD 7.75-inch (197 mm) 4 shackle bum, produced for GM Holden’s Circumscribed of Australia (Hangbird WS6 cars went to this whole in 1986). These units can be identified by their 9 gobble (instead than 10) derivative masking that has a condom debilitate ballyhoo. The Borg-Warner logotype is besides mold into the freighter of the derivative causa. This ass axle came with tapering instead than square tumbler bearings and a cone-clutch kinda than disc-clutch circumscribed slip-up whole. These units came multi-coloured melanise from the mill spell almost others were plain alloy. All 1987 350 TPI L98 IROC-Z’s compulsory 3.27 gears, J65 arse saucer brakes, G80 circumscribed gaffe derivative, and KC4 locomotive oil tank.

The largest optic variety this class was the CHMSL (tierce stoplight) was now mounted inwardly the bum despoiler alternatively of on top of the arse concoct (demur the groundwork coupe without the looter alternative – on those cars it remained on top of the brood wish the premature twelvemonth). The Berlinetta was no yearner useable this yr, replaced with a new LT exemplar, piece the fundament Camaro and Z28 continued as ahead. 145 mph (233 km/h) speedometers became criterion in the IROC-Zs and Z28s with tuned interface injected engines spell the carbureated Camaro models and 2.8 litre v-6 maintained the 85 m.p.h.speedometer.

1984 Chevrolet Camaro

Over-the-counter big Camaro tidings was a Camaro transformable that was introduced first since 1969 as a fixture product pick. Usable on the Play Coupe, LT and IROC-Z, the changeover was performed on t-top weaponed Camaros by ASC American Sunshine-roof Accompany. A tally 1,007 were produced in the low yr of output. 1987 pronounced the Twentieth anniversary of the Camaro and the convertibles were considered the anniversary editions and were sense by a limited sprint badge that learn “Twentieth Anniversary Commemorating Variation”. Roughly 1987 T-Top models were made into convertibles by ASC aft the client took saving. This is why thither are about convertibles with the trunk VIN cipher of 2, significant they were coupes, not convertibles (which birth a consistence VIN encrypt of 3). This was likewise the finish yr of yield at GM’s Norwood, OH readiness as sales continued to decay consequently resulting in output rock-bottom to the Van Nuys car assemblage flora set in Southerly California.


The Camaro cable was greatly simplified this class, start with discontinuing the slow-selling LT exemplar, and falling the foot Z28. The IROC-Z parcel proven pop and the parcel became touchstone on all Z28s. This resulted with two models unexpended, the pedestal coupe and the IROC-Z. Without the Z28 to span the gap ‘tween the stand Camaro and the flagship IROC-Z, the antecedently stock aluminium 16-inch 5-spoke wheels were now an alternative – “foot” IROCs now got the premature twelvemonth Z28’s al 15″ 5-spoke wheels (which besides became stock on the bag coupes) and P215/65-15 tires. Besides the old Z28’s primer effects and spoilers were now measure outlet on the foot Camaro coupes. Bag models standard a new elevated pamperer for the offset one-half yield class.

All engines were fuel-injected this class; the 2.8 (173) linear 135 HP at 4900 rpm and 160 lb.ft at 3900 rpm, the 5.0L 305 cid V8 gained throttle-body shot, delivery net h.p. to 170; the 305 TPI manual transmittal models were rated at 220 HP @ 4400 and 290 @ 3200, Reflexive at 195 HP @ 4000 and 295 @ 2800 and the 350 TPI got a little encouragement to 230 HP @ 4400 and 330 @ 3200. G92 (functioning axle proportion) useable solitary on IROC-Z with 5.0 TPI (LB9). All 1987 350 TPI L98 IROC-Z’s came criterion with the 3.27 BW arse and everything that was included with G92 but did not birth the G92 RPO encrypt because it was not mandate; this changed in 1988 withal when a 2.77 behind was banner and G92 had to be specified to get the 3.27’s. The IROC-Z besides hardened to approximately belittled enhancive changes. The “Z28” logos on the earth effects infra the doors and on the back bumper changed to understand “IROC-Z”. The expectant IROC-Z call-outs on the doorway stirred from the breast of the doors to the backbone, to put approximately distance betwixt the logos. Selection inscribe DX3 offered buyers the pick of deleting the IROC-Z’s doorway decals and stripe for a $60.00 citation. Optional 16″ aluminium wheels were redesigned with two lines alternatively of one expectant demarcation in apiece radius, and centerfield caps backgrounds changed from a melanize to smooth-spoken. Sprint badges on the IROC quieten translate “Z28” on top and “IROC-Z” infra. The vin inscribe 8 is the locomotive cypher for a tangible TPI 5.7L IROC.


The 1989 manakin twelvemonth sense the reappearance of the RS appellative (finale victimized in 1987 on a express variant California alone modelling). The Rag Variation was now the fundament modeling featuring personify reason effects mimicking the IROC and the former Z28 but with the 2.8 V6 fuel-injected drive as stock with the 305 as an pick. The embossed bum coddler that became useable in 1988 on the foundation coupes was transitory and through forth with for this twelvemonth. The locomotive ratings carried o’er from ’88 with the accession of IROC-Z Coupes had a new two-fold catalytic convertor beat pick N10 that was criterion with the G92 pick sole uncommitted on the 305 TPI drive with a manual infection and the 350 TPI but usable with the TH700-R4 robotic.

Might ratings likewise wide-ranging in the 305 from 170 hp (criterion RPO L03) to 230 hp (RPO LB9 with manual transmittance and double beat) and further to 240 hp for the 350 with treble tucker.

IROC-Zs with the TPI 350 had the 2.77 backside axle proportion as in the late class, but the optional RPO G92 Operation Axle software limited the proportion to 3.27 for the TPI 350, and 3.45 for the TPI 305 with manual transmittance. RPO G92 too included the said dual-converter tucker; 4-wheel saucer brakes (RPO J65); locomotive oil tank; P245/50ZR16 Goodyear Eagle unidirectional tires; a 145 mph (233 km/h) speedometer; and a tach with a 5,500 rpm redline. A amount of 1,426 IROC-Z coupes were furnished with the Operation Axle packet in 1989.

To proceeds an IROC-Z coupe to the uttermost execution extremum in 1989, when G92 Functioning Axle was coherent with no air conditioning (C41), RPO cypher 1LE was mechanically triggered. This included supererogatory equipment intended to pee-pee the IROC-Z more private-enterprise in SCCA Salesroom Breed route racing events: bigger 11.65-inch (296 mm) rotors with 2-piston aluminum calipers from PBR; an aluminium driveshaft; a peculiar bemused fire cooler; particular cushion absorbers; and stiffer abatement bushings. The fog lamps were likewise deleted. The 1LE was only an selection combining, not a branch software or manakin that dealers were cognisant of the being of, resulting in 111 cars reinforced with 1LE equipment in 1989.


1984 Chevrolet Camaro

The 1990 manakin twelvemonth ruined the last product to appointment (35,048), due to a abbreviated 1990 modelling run followed by the betimes launching of the facelifted 1991 models. 1990 besides pronounced the concluding class for the IROC-Z. Chevrolet had distinct not to reincarnate their declaration with the External Backwash of Champions, which was afterwards renewed by Chrysler’s Circumvent Daytona.

This yr was the offset twelvemonth for an airbag to be offered in any F-body. The new airbag came unparalleled with a new “lunule” bore flock, that was offered but in 1990-1992 Camaros. The astute edges on the hyrax surfaces were rounded. Inscription on gauges was chickenhearted rather of tweed. 1990 was frankincense a distinct modeling yr as it was the lonesome 3rd gen Camaro that didn’t boast the “aero” GFX but did get the newer upcountry/sprint features. The 2.8 L V6 was upgraded to the 3.1 L V6.

The RPO cipher 1LE was again usable in 1990, triggered as in the old class by RPO G92 Execution Axle combined with no air conditioning on the IROC-Z coupe. Alone 62 Camaros were reinforced with 1LE equipment in 1990.

Camaros in IROC-Z reduce that were furnished with the 5.7 TPI Motive standard a svelte hp step-up to 245 @ 4400 rpm and torsion numbers likewise rosiness to 345 @ 3200 rpm.


Betimes in 1990, the 1991 Camaros debuted. Big changes occurred, as all Camaros standard a rhytidoplasty in the shape of a reason effects bundle for both the RS and Z28 models, spell the IROC-Z was no thirster offered. The Z28 too featured a high-pitched hike pillager and non-functional cap “blisters”. The 1991 Z28 likewise standard a new cycle invention to emphasize the new eubstance. The B4C “Limited Serving” alternative was made usable to law enforcement, the governing, and military agencies. The B4C amounted to piddling more a Z28 powertrain and reprieve in the RS. (Car Foxiness Clip refers to the B4C as a 1LE weaponed with air conditioning; although this is slenderly erroneous because in 1991, the prominent brakes with PBR calipers from the 1LE box were not included with B4C.) Fair below 600 B4C Camaros were sold for 1991. Might ratings on the 350 TPI were as follows; 245 hp (183 kW) at 4400 rpm and 340 lb·ft (461 N·m) at 3200 rpm. Index evaluation on the 305 TPI motive were as follows; 230 hp (172 kW) at 4200 rpm and 300 lb·ft (407 N·m) @3200 rpm. Ability evaluation on the 305 tbi stayed like at 170 hp(127 kW) at 4000 rpm and 255 lb&shit;ft(346 N&bruiser;m) at 2400 rpm. Rumors say that these numbers were slenderly underrated by GM, but this has not been investigated.

Origin with the 1991 modeling yr, GM pioneered roughly limited gathering techniques with the F-body Camaro and Redbird which were carried ahead into the 4th genesis. Unlike crinkle sealers, geomorphological adhesives and personify forum techniques were employed in key areas, in an endeavor to dilute squeaks and rattles and meliorate the percept of character.

The SCCA Showroom-Stock-ready 1LE parcel continued with interchangeable equipment to premature days, and was again triggered mechanically by the G92 Operation Axle choice combined with C41 canonical ventilation (no air conditioning) on the Z28 coupe. Enthusiasts and dealers were decent more mindful of the 1LE, as yield increased to 478 units.


1992 was the terminal yr of the tertiary genesis Camaro. A “Xxv Anniversary Inheritance Version” selection had been aforethought with Corvette al cylinder heads, tubelike fumes headers, and 6-speed manual transmitting, but this was scrapped in favour of a “Inheritance Parcel” pick (RPO Z03) which amounted to nada more a art bundle of badges and bait chevron. All 1992 Camaros standard a “Xxv Anniversary” badge on the splasher. The 1992 variant of the Camaro B4C (Especial Avail Packet) got the gain of 1LE brakes, devising it peradventure the better fillet 3rd propagation Camaro usable with air conditioning. A tally of 589 B4Cs were sold. The B4C pick was too deemed democratic plenty to be carried on to the quaternary contemporaries modelling.

About TPI 1992 Camaros standard about of the “leftovers” from its Corvette cousin-german, which switched from Tuned Porthole Shot to the new LT1 locomotive serial in 1992. They standard the grating grain, mold al manner, inhalation runners from the TPI Corvette alternatively of the fixture Camaro smoothen pipe ones. In about cases they were reinforced with lightlessness multi-colored valve covers alternatively of the pattern fluent valve covers. Roughly too standard a lacuna throttlebody home, ilk the LT1, alternatively of the rule plateful with “Tuned Interface Injectant” hand. The alteration was strictly enhancive, functioning remained monovular to the late twelvemonth.

The RPO 1LE choice combining, selfsame to the late class in spec and selection requirements, had its highest product yr of the 3rd propagation Camaro, with 705 cars so equipt. As mentioned, the 1LE brakes were included with B4C in 1992, account for 589 of the 705 reinforced. This agency that lone 116 “lawful” 1LE-only cars (A/C blue-pencil, non-Special Overhaul Box) were reinforced for the yr.

It should be far-famed that the immense bulk of the 1LE cars reinforced during the 1989-1992 menstruation were identical sparsely weaponed vehicles. Since they were intended for racing, where duplicate angle is a disfavor and interiors are frequently gutted afterward leverage, about were real gently optioned. The bulk of 1LE Camaros had the fundament home, with no exponent options, sail command, or fifty-fifty deck mats. About were eve reinforced without radios (201 cars were reinforced as “radiocommunication erase” in 1992). An strange Camaro furnished with a compounding of both RPO 1LE and opulence or show options, such as a gilded leather inner or the Z03 Inheritance Software, could thus be a potentially rarefied and collectable fomite.

This was likewise the close yr of product at the assemblage imbed in Van Nuys, California (and the Joined States as a unanimous). The finale third-generation Camaro produced was a red Z28 coupe on Venerable 27, 1992 that features signatures of the line workers and is privately owned.


  • 1982-1985: 2.5 L (151 cid) LQ8 / LQ9 Cast-iron Duke I4
  • 1982-1984: 2.8 L (173 cid) LC1 V6
  • 1985-1989: 2.8 L (173 cid) LB8 V6
  • 1990-1992: 3.1 L (191 cid) LH0 V6
  • 1982-1983: 5.0 L (305 cid) LU5 Small-Block V8
  • 1982-1987: 5.0 L (305 cid) LG4 Small-Block V8
  • 1983-1986: 5.0 L (305 cid) L69 Small-Block V8
  • 1988-1992: 5.0 L (305 cid) LO3 Small-Block V8
  • 1985-1992: 5.0 L (305 cid) LB9 Small-Block V8
  • 1987-1992: 5.7 L (350 cid) L98 Small-Block V8
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