1982 Renault 18 Gtd 4X4 Wagon

Renault 18 GTD 4X4 Wagon

The Renault 18 was a medium-size machine that was intentional and reinforced by the French maker Renault ‘tween 1978 and 1994.


The Renault 18 was intended as a permutation for both the Renault 12 and Renault 16, which had been in output since 1969 and 1965 severally, though both these models continued in yield aboard the 18 until 1980. Different before Renaults, the 18 was intentional kinda speedily; the meter ‘tween its initial design and its factual found was lonesome xviii months, which is believably how it was called the Renault 18. Although Renault made legion forays into external markets in countries such as Brazil with cars care the Renault 12, the Renault 18 was the get-go Renault intended as a genuine ‘earth car,’ therefore the catchword “Merging External Requirements.” Besides as France, the car went on to be manufactured in Argentina, Australia, Colombia, Bone Seacoast, Mexico, Morocco, Spain, Uruguay, and Venezuela, and sold in Algeria, Austria, Canada, Chili, Croatia, Cyprus, Finland, Germany, Greece, Indonesia, Italy, Jordan, Lebanon, Mauritania, New Zealand, Norway, Portugal, Senegal, Slovenia, Sweden, Syria, The Joined Realm, The Joined States, Thailand, Bomb and Zimbabwe.

1982 Renault 18 Gtd 4X4 Wagon

The Initial Range

Later it went into output at Renault’s Flins mill in France in December 1977, the Renault 18 was presented at the Hollands Salon in Adjoin 1978, with selling sales source the undermentioned month.

1982 Renault 18 Gtd 4X4 Wagon

Initially, the R18 was solitary usable as a four-door ginmill, in TL, GTL, TS and GTS trimness variations.

The TL and GTL were powered by the 1397cc Cléon locomotive (which was highly-developed victimization the 1289cc locomotive from the Renault 12), which produced 64bhp. Both models had a 4-speed gearbox.

1982 Renault 18 GTD 4X4 Wagon

The TS and GTS were powered by the 1647cc A Serial locomotive (which was the like as exploited in the Renault 17 TS) but without the fire injectant, which lowered the yield to 79bhp. The TS had a 4-speed gearbox, spell the GTS had a 5-speed gearbox (with optional 3-speed electronic robotic transmitting usable for both models [the robotic versions of the TS and GTS models were called the TS Automatonlike and GTS Robotlike to tell them from their manual infection counterparts]).

As mentioned before, thither were initially lonesome quartet dissimilar models uncommitted in the R18 orbit at the meter of its launching. Because the TL was the entry-level modeling (which was distinct from the GTL, TS and GTS by its cycle rims [which were carried complete from the Renault 12]), it came furnished with reversing lights, two-speed wipers, intermittent sieve rub, electrical windshield washers; voltmeter; locomotive coolant temperature calibre; fire caliber; six-figure milage registrar; stumble record-keeper; handbrake admonitory twinkle; bad forepart bracken discs exemplary sparkle; day/nighttime billet for internal back sight mirror; rheostat for adjusting luminosity of splashboard lights; lit ashtray, fastball venire, charge and mitt box; het back screenland; anti-dazzle headlamp fitting; accommodation for centering of headlamp air; fag light; drivers slope sun peak; passengers position sun bill; conceit mirror in passengers slope sun vizor; total carpet; fabric upholstery; figurehead armrests with gentile handles; backside threshold armrests incorporating ashtrays; child-proof behind doorway locks; passengers slope midland courtesy spark; battlefront doorway pockets; centre comfort incorporating strike tray; reclining forepart seating; and places for speaker pods in the figurehead doors. The GTL, TS and GTS models all additionally featured H4 iodin headlights, styled bike rims, a foam-filled wheel, crystal time, drivers position upcountry courtesy spark, and a map recital spark for the figurehead bottom rider. The GTL and GTS foster added inkiness prophylactic protective mouldings on the doors, backside fog lights, headlamp race/rub, cushion absorptive bumpers, remote-adjustable drivers threshold mirror, adjustable header restraints on the breast seating, and factory-installed radiocommunication equipment. The GTS was the top stipulation modelling, which added everything from the GTL positive cardinal lockup and electrical battlefront windows. As for the options listing on all models, you could get leatherette upholstery, tinted meth or metal pigment whichever you favourite. For the GTL and GTS, you could besides get a sliding textile sunshine-roof, and solely for the GTS, you could get air conditioning.

Scorn not beingness a especially ground-breaking car, the 18 was Renault’s beginning car to use the 1.4 Cleon locomotive in the bourgeoisie sphere. A detail of interestingness with the 18 was its wheels. For a mid-sized car, it utilised 3-stud wheels (like thereto of the Citroën 2CV), sooner than the 4-stud wheels of nigh of its competitors.

1982 Renault 18 Gtd 4X4 Wagon

The First Estate Models

By the recent Seventies, European product of the Renault 12 was beingness gradually injury consume, followed by the comer of the acres versions of the Renault 18 on the 1st Adjoin 1979. The R18 Land was lone usable in TL and TS framework variations. They were automatically monovular to their taphouse counterparts omit the bottom hanging secondhand in the estates was more care that in the larger Renault 20 and Renault 30. As for equipment specifications, the estates were monovular to the saloons, exclude the TS land additionally featured shock-absorbent bumpers, threshold mouldings, and strawman arse psyche restraints from the 18 GTL pub. The demesne proven most as democratic as the pothouse.

The R18 waggon was too sold in the Northward American mart from 1981 to 1986, and the saloon in 1981-1982; it failed to eve approximate to life capable former AMC products’ report for dependableness, and was not a succeeder. It was replaced by the R21’s N American eq, the Renault Decoration.

The R18 was discontinued in Europe in 1986, but continued in yield until 1994 in Southward America, where it cadaver democratic in the second-hand grocery. R18s too persist pop in Northerly Africa. In Argentina, thither were early versions too, videlicet the TX and GTX. Thither was likewise the GTX-II, featuring a canonical onboard reckoner that displayed fire intake, etcetera. It was usable with 1.6 L (TL), 2.0 L and 2.2 L engines. Thither was a peculiar variant of the R18 with two-tone pigment (melanise top and sparkle greyish backside) called the American (after updated with cardinal lockup and early items, which was named the American 2).


  • 1978 – Renault 18 goes into product.
  • 1980 – All models now suffer new alternator with integral electronic governor.
  • July 1980 – Founding of the 18 Diesel. It had a 4-cylinder 2068cc Diesel (which produced 66bhp), blackball set-back forepart reprieve, and bigger four-stud bicycle rims (all of which were divided with the Renault 20 Diesel). The 18 TD had a 4-speed gearbox, spell the 18 GTD had a 5-speed gearbox (which was optional on the TD). Since the canonical 18 Diesel modeling was the 18 TD (useable as both a barroom and acres), it was tantamount to the 18 TS, spell the more gilded 18 GTD (useable entirely as a pothouse) which was tantamount to the 18 GTS. Power-assisted steerage was optional on the 18 GTD.
  • 1981 – Creation of the 18 Turbo.
  • 1982 – Revisions: electronegative runner breast dangling, open figurehead focusing index lenses (rather of the archetype orangish ones), grayish polyester bumpers and threshold handles (alternatively of the archetype chromium-plate ones), and restyled seating. Optional 5-speed gearbox uncommitted on the 18 TL. The 18 GTL obtained an economy-tune 73bhp variation of the 1647cc locomotive, too as a 5-speed gearbox, higher net driving proportion, electronic inflammation and an econometer calibre.
  • 1986 – Renault 21 is launched as the 18’s eventual permutation and the 18 is recluse from sale in the UK.
  • 1989 – European product of the Renault 18 is discontinued.
  • 1994 – The conclusion Renault 18 rolls off the line in Argentina.
  • 2006 – A review by Motorcar Utter reveals that of the 131,241 Renault 18s registered in the UK betwixt 1978 and 1986, fair 317 persist.
  • Trim Levels

    TL (Touring Luxe)

    Two-speed wipers; intermittent filmdom rub; galvanizing blind washers; v cadence; locomotive coolant temperature estimate; fire gage; six-figure milage registrar; stumble registrar; handbrake admonition spark; bad strawman bracken discs cautionary ignitor; day/nighttime situation for upcountry ass sight mirror; rheostat for adjusting luminousness of fascia lights; well-lighted ashtray, bullet jury, charge and mitt box; het behind cover; anti-dazzle headlamp registration; accommodation for focusing of headlamp transmit; fag light; drivers slope sun vizor; passengers slope sun vizor; emptiness mirror in passengers english sun peak; entire rug; material upholstery; movement armrests with non-jew handles; ass armrests; ashtrays in the behind doors; child-proof backside doorway locks; passengers incline inside courtesy igniter; figurehead doorway pockets; gist solace incorporating mint tray; reclining breast seating; loudspeakers before doors.

    GTL (Grand Touring Luxe)

    As TL, positive foam-filled wheel; H4 i headlights; lechatelierite time; velours upholstery; styled wheels; drivers position midland courtesy lighter; map recital twinkle for battlefront ass rider; remote-adjustable driver’s face doorway mirror; ass fog lights; headlamp washing/rub scheme; pre-installation radiocommunication equipment; impact absorptive bumpers; adjustable presence buns brain restraints; blackness condom protective incline mouldings.

    LS (Luxe Super)

    Like as TL but with mechanical spec of TS

    TS (Touring Special)

    As TL, summation foam-filled wheel, H4 iodin headlights, crystal time, velours upholstery, styled wheels; drivers english upcountry courtesy lighter; map indication sparkle for forepart behind rider.

    GTS (Grand Touring Special)

    As GTL, positive galvanizing movement windows and exchange lockup.

    1982 Renault 18 Gtd 4X4 Wagon

    TD (Touring Diesel)

    Like as TS

    GTD (Grand Touring Diesel)

    Like as GTS

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