1981 Mercedes Benz S Class Coupe

Mercedes-Benz S-Class Coupe

Mercedes-Benz Takeoverés birth perpetually incarnate elegance on quartet wheels. And exclusivity likewise, since the vehicles pull a patronage that consciously opts for a torso shape with aerodynamic lines, the hellenic two doors and who to a sealed extent see their fomite as a lucid wing of a life-style ofttimes characterised by knockout and elegance.

These basics likewise applied to the SEC Putschés of the C 126 serial, which Mercedes-Benz presented at the Frankfurt External Centrifugal Display (IAA) in September 1981. They were based on the S-Class Saloon of the 126 serial, with a skeleton/flooring forum abbreviated by 85 millimetres. Withal, the Takeoverés were fully-fledged four-seaters.

Their excogitation rendered them evident: Bruno Sacco, so Mind of Excogitation, gave the vehicles the consummate lines of the day and likewise unified them harmoniously into the Mercedes-Benz coach compass. E.g., he reanimated the horizontal grille with heavy fundamental asterisk which had been a characteristic of the gravid Mercedes-Benz Putschés and the fabled 300 SL Gullwing Coupé since the Fifties. All things considered, the Putschés of the C 126 serial were a enlistment de forcefulness in footing of innovation, retaining flush tod an air of dateless elegance and oomph.

1981 Mercedes Benz S Class Coupe

1981 Mercedes-Benz S-Class Coupe

The refined looks of the Takeoverés were conjugate with sole equipment, knock-down engines and optimal condom – resulting in an live that offered comfortableness from every aspect of self-propelled figure. Evening the longest journeys could be effortlessly undertaken in the Takeoveré, thanks to its advanced flesh – which asunder from a few details was monovular thereto of the S-Class – the ergonomically intentional and graceful inner and the campaign organisation. The Takeoverés were uncommitted entirely with eight-cylinder engines. Initially thither were two models, the 380 SEC and 500 SEC. The exemplar civilization packet in 1985 saw the 380 SEC superseded by the 420 SEC, too as the arriver of a limited adaptation of 500 SEC and – the nearly salient neophyte – the 560 SEC. The simulation civilisation packet besides saw the founding of emanation ascendancy systems with a closed-loop three-party catalytic convertor.

In footing of rubber engineering the Takeoverés of the C 126 serial were state-of-the-art. The torso was intentional in occupation with modish refuge inquiry findings. One remarkable equipment item was the electrically operated knock affluent, which was a standard-fit spec on the SEC models. Optionally uncommitted were likewise an airbag for the driver and smash tensioner for the strawman rider. The forepart rider airbag was uncommitted from 1985. Optimal fighting drive rubber was guaranteed by systems such as the reflex lockup derivative (ASD) or quickening shoe mastery (ASR).

Value retention as opposed to depreciation

The stove of Putschés dissipated the suitable SEC abbreviation in the exemplar appellative is all-encompassing. Although about of them are by now elderly vehicles, it is not strange to okay easily retained examples. Furthermore, mellow mileages are no trouble for the regularly well-kept eight-cylinder engines.

But thither are likewise vehicles useable with a maker’s warrantee: Mercedes-Benz Untried Classics regularly offers vehicles in supra modal circumstance and which are consequently supplied with a guarantee – an crack singular in the self-propelling manufacture.

Those who nowadays driving a Putsché of the C 126 serial as a mod authoritative are certainly to apprize aspects such as its striking daily practicality, eminent story of cod comforter, graceful appearing and exclusivity. An extra incentive is that with chasten sustenance and beneficial charge it volition leastways keep its rate and eradicate derogation. In many cases, the evaluate of the fomite evening rises concluded clock.

Mercedes-Benz’s first-class unembellished parts supplying has helped assert a bodoni graeco-roman: most every share can be procured done a Mercedes-Benz trader and the companionship’s own ordination scheme; saving is commonly made nightlong. Around authorized servicing shops let eve been designated Graeco-roman Partners, possessing owing competency in treatment old vehicles. Not for naught does the catchword “Serve for a life-time” enforce to all vehicles of the stigma.

Output of the Takeoverés of the C 126 serial was stopped-up in 1991, near just ten days afterward the grocery launching. The add loudness of 74,060 units reinforced gives an feeling of the manakin phratry’s gamy popularity. The best-selling framework was the 500 SEC with 30,184 units. Intelligibly the rarest interpretation was the 420 SEC with barely 3,680 units. Disregardless of locomotive typewrite, apiece mortal fomite is a fable of its sentence.

Model history: the C 126 series (1981 to 1991)

“By custom, Mercedes-Benz has e’er been construction a especial case of car which is imposing from otc models serial by its heights floor of individuation: the Takeoveré.” These were the prefatorial dustup in the stain’s booklet almost the Putschés from the C 126 serial. “The Mercedes Putsché embodies the uncommon character of a polished and flashy car. Its showy lineament does not bastardly that the car has to do without ease and safe. Contrarily, its clean attributes trust with all those qualities which severalise every Mercedes. The new Takeoveré is a car in which you can screening contribution of your way of biography in the nigh advanced elan.”

At the Frankfurt Outside Motive Read in September 1981, Daimler-Benz presented the 380 SEC and 500 SEC Putschés. The new multiplication of Putschés was again based on the S-Class Taphouse quite than an SL as in the pillowcase of the SLC models. A six-cylinder-engined adaptation correspondent to the 280 SLC was no yearner useable. The V8 engines – already introduced in the Pothouse and SLC models – had been good revised as portion of the “Mercedes-Benz Get-up-and-go Construct” with the aim of reduction both fire uptake and pollutant emissions.

The lean of improvements included a ascension in the compressing proportion, camshafts with limited valve timing, air-bathed injectant valves and electronic jobless fastness ascendancy. Due to the limited camshaft tuning, the uttermost torsion was now reached at glower locomotive speeds and, in the vitrine of the 3.8-litre locomotive, tied brocaded. The latter locomotive had been limited specially exhaustively: to reach a more lucky volume-to-surface proportion, the calibre had been rock-bottom and the virgule increased. As a outcome, the limited 3.8-litre V8 had a somewhat bigger translation. In the vitrine of both eight-cylinder engines, well improved thriftiness was achieved at the disbursal of svelte reductions in functioning. The ass axle proportion was altered to the changed characteristics of both engines. The sum-total of all modifications distinctly decreased the fire expenditure of the SEC Takeoverés as compared to their herald models.

Sophisticated suspension for enhanced comfort and safety

With the elision of point modifications, the abeyance was selfsame with the canonical Saloons. Ilk the latter, the Putschés were weaponed with a double-wishbone battlefront axle and a semi-trailing arm backside axle with anti-squat mastery. First, the SEC Takeoverés featured floating-calliper disk brakes on the breast wheels, permitting the use of bigger bracken discs besides as the locating of the bracken cylinders on the inner of the wheels where they were cooled more efficaciously.

The bod/flooring whole was likewise interpreted from the Taphouse, albeit sawed-off by 85 millimetres. The wheelbase was hence 30 millimetres yearner than on the herald serial and the rider compartment appreciably more broad. The bodywork was intentional on the footing of the modish findings in condom explore – supported by expedient measures which had already been applied in the Saloons: to correct for the non-existing key pillars, the cap skeleton construction was improved and the A-pillars were reinforced with welded-in high-strength tube. As a resolution, the Putschés lived capable the like gamy safe touchstone as the S-Class Saloons. An interesting equipment item were the electrically operated rap feeders which formed share of the received specifications of the SEC models and had the labor of moving the seatbelt into the bailiwick of imagination and therefore inside sluttish compass of the driver and strawman rider. In increase, an airbag for the driver and a knock tensioner for the movement rider were optionally usable.

The styling of the new Takeoverés was as modelled thereon of the four-door models but distillery included the horizontal radiator grille distinctive of the SL – a token from the SLC era in a way. The emphatically graceful and proportionate styling met with extremely confident reply redress from the scratch: the SEC Putsché was one of the virtually beautiful cars of the post-war clock. The two bumpers and the protective face strips were intentional in the like way as on the Saloons; the figurehead proscenium reached promote devour and accommodated the fog lamps. A noteworthy conception point was the aerodynamically optimized threshold plow break which mostly prevented the doorway deal from dirtying. Besides the fomite’s aeromechanics were optimised as a solid for frown fire intake. This unexpended the dredge coefficient for all models of cd=0.34. The but exclusion to this was the 560 SEC modeling, where the assess was cd=0.35 on story of its wider tyres.

Discreet facelift and new engines

Quadruplet age subsequently the presentment of the SEC Putschés, both the S-Class Saloons and the Putschés were extensively graceful and introduced at the Frankfurt Outside Motive Demonstrate in September 1985. Asunder from a circumspect retouching of the outside – principally of the bumpers, the protective position strips and the wheels – the locomotive reach was restructured.

A new locomotive in the ambit was a V8 with a deracination of 4.2 litres, created by boring out the 3.8-litre whole and replacement the latter not sole in the SEC Takeoveré but likewise in the S-Class Ginmill and in the SL. The five-litre locomotive was evenly limited and weaponed with electronic lighting and an electronically/automatically controlled KE-Jetronic injectant organisation from Bosch to recrudesce an yield of 180 kW.

1981 Mercedes Benz S Class Coupe

The near salient gewgaw in the locomotive orbit was a 5.6-litre eight-cylinder which had been highly-developed from the five-litre V8 whose solidus had been prolonged to commit the car an turnout of 200 kW. A adaptation with an evening higher densification proportion was optionally uncommitted and generated a lofty 221 kW, but could not be combined with a closed-loop emanation ascendance organisation. Notwithstanding, eventide without a catalytic convertor, this supposed ECE variant complied with the discharge limits specified by the European Economical Commissioning (ECE). At the meter of their found, the 560 SEC and 560 SEL with this locomotive were the almost herculean Mercedes-Benz yield cars reinforced until so.

Catalytic converter optionally available

For all variants of the revised locomotive scope – with the elision of the ECE versions of the 560 SEC and 560 SEL models – a closed-loop expelling ascendance organisation with three-party catalytic convertor was optionally uncommitted. The received variant was disposed for the retrofitting of a catalytic convertor, significant that the car was supplied without a catalytic convertor and o detector but with a multi-functional admixture organisation and ignition. A closed-loop catalytic convertor could be retrofitted at any sentence and without a trouble. This result gave the client the superlative potential tractability in determinant the point for the rebirth – a major vantage in scene of the fact that leadless fire was not yet usable end-to-end Europe. From September 1986, the closed-loop catalytic convertor formed contribution of the measure specifications of all Mercedes-Benz rider cars with gasolene engines; the versions for retrofitting remained optionally usable until Grand 1989 – at a correspondingly decreased terms.

The figure of the tasteful models had not been limited to any major extent. Nonetheless, the rear-axle excogitation had been limited in various details in club to amend drive solace and the still linear characteristics silence promote. Isolated from that, all Putschés and Saloons from the 126 serial were now furnished with 38.1 cm wheels and correspondingly bigger brakes. The styling of the optionally usable light-alloy wheels, which were received lone on the 560 SEC and 560 SEL, was updated and altered thereto on the squeeze and mid-sized serial.

1981 Mercedes Benz S Class Coupe

Functional design

The leftover stylistic modifications on the improved models of the 126 serial were made not solitary for the function of updating the innovation but likewise for hearty technological reasons. With forepart aprons extending far downwardly, heave forces were foster decreased, and the air spring at the arse improved. It was so potential to growth road-holding stableness at mellow speeds silence advance – an panorama that was substantial peculiarly in panorama of the execution of the new 560 SEC and 560 SEL top models.

The protective position strips were smooth-surfaced now instead than organism costate as earlier; comparable the bumpers, they lengthened farther downwardly and featured extra framing slope appendage facing. As the 5.6-litre models differed from their less herculean baby models therein they were fitted as touchstone with full tires in sizing 215/65 VR 15, the breast forestage and the pilot beadwork were limited in their conformation to see the mandatory sidelong headway for the forepart wheels.

In September 1987, more potent versions of all V8 engines were introduced. The contraction proportion of all units was elevated to 1:10, and extra measures were interpreted to hike the turnout by six to one-tenth, contingent the simulation. The boosting consequence was flush more hearty for the engines with catalytic converters; by optimizing the emanation controller organization, the engineers had succeeded in importantly reduction the losings in outturn caused by the catalytic convertor. The ECE interpretation of the 5.6-litre V8 was omitted astern the retrofitting variation had been upgraded to mother 221 kW.

In September/October 1991, nigh ten geezerhood later the mart found of the SEC Takeoverés, output was discontinued. The summate book of 74,060 units reinforced gives an picture of the exemplar class’s mellow popularity. Distinctly the rarest adaptation was the 420 SEC with fair 3,680 units.

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