1980 Volkswagen Passat

Volkswagen Passat

The sec multiplication Volkswagen Passat was a great phratry car car launched in 1981. The program, named B2, was somewhat yearner and the car’s updated styling was directly placeable as Passat, with the virtually obvious divergence organism the orthogonal headlights. The car was known as the Quantum in Northward America, where it was introduced in 1982, and Corsar in Mexico, where it was sold betwixt 1985 and 1988.

1980 Volkswagen Passat

Besides as the Passat hatchback and acres thither was likewise a saloon, which until the first of 1985 was sold as the Volkswagen Santana in Europe.

The compass standard a kid rhytidectomy in 1985, with the saloon, now known as the Passat, communion the like front as the hatchback and land. The Passat saloon and land were produced in Southward Africa until 1987.

1980 Volkswagen Passat

The stove of engines was more all-embracing than that of the offset multiplication Passat, and included a 5 cylinder Audi 2.0 L gas and a 1.9 L diesel too as all the engines antecedently uncommitted in the B1 example. The 2.0 GT5S variant had a superpower production of 115 PS (85 kW) and was uncommitted with VW’s 4WD scheme, called Syncro.

In 1991, Volkswagen do Brasil was mired in its Autolatina partnership with Fording do Brasil. Quite than dick up for the one-third multiplication Passat (B3), maintained the B2 molded saloon and waggon & made geomorphologic changes to the grillwork, breast and arse ends (including figurehead & bum guards). These morphological changes made it looking similar a modernistic B3 Passat, which about car enthusiasts normally error it for.

Below damage with Autolatina , the car was likewise sold as the Fording Versailles in Brazil and as the Crossing Galax in Argentina. This ambit included a singular wagon interpretation called the Crossing Royale, which dissimilar the Volkswagen edition, had but two doors. Although such models were comparatively democratic in Brazil, and had been sold by Crossing earlier, it was likewise so-called that Volkswagen did not wishing the Royale to be usable as a four-door framework, as this would get posed a private-enterprise menace.

The Brazilian Santana/Quantum proven selfsame democratic in their local grocery, tied afterwards VW last introduced the more bodoni Passat. The Quantum was uncommitted in the VW line-up until 2002, and the Santana was eventually retired in July 2006, more out of technical considerations than a fall in popularity, as the car was not a role of Volkswagen do Brasil’s flow deform fire platform.

The Chinese Santana, with the European Passat B2 innovation, has been reinforced by the Shanghai-Volkswagen joint-venture since 1986.

In 1991, the Volkswagen Santana 2000 was put into ontogenesis with Volkswagen do Brasil and started multitude product in 1995, it has since been replaced in 2004 by the Volkswagen Santana 3000 which was the beginning VW to be intentional by Shanghai-Volkswagen. Both the archetype Santana and the Santana 3000 are quieten sold in Chinaware.

1980 Volkswagen Passat

The Brazilian Santana and Chinese interpretation were co-developed ‘tween the two companies, although the Chinese versions deliver a yearner wheelbase.

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