1977 Ford Mustang

Ford Mustang

The second-generation Fording Mustang is a crib car that was manufactured by Fording from 1973 until 1978. It was introduced in showrooms during September 1973, in coupe and hatchback versions for the 1974 simulation twelvemonth, yet for the 1973 oil crisis. The Mustang II had no vulgar components with the past models and divided its chopine with the subcompact-sized Crossing Pinto.

1977 Ford Mustang


The outset propagation Mustangs grew in sizing; the 1973 modeling had go markedly bigger than the archetype example. The crib car commercialise section saw decreasing sales in the early-1970s “with many buyers turn to lower-priced, fuel-efficient compacts comparable Crossing’s own Rebel – a vast freshman succeeder itself”. The Mustang was growth to go an intermediate-sized saloon, “too big and estranged many in its client bag”. The allurement of the archetype Mustang was its clipping sizing and conception. The automakers in Detroit had “begun to experience vibrations from the sole seed it genuinely listens to – new-car buyers… The substance: Body-build littler cars” as customers stopped-up purchasing and the armory of unsold new cars climbed during the summertime of 1973, and thither were already plus marketplace expectations for the new downsized Mustang. Automakers were “scrambling” by December 1973 as “the drift toward littler, less excessive cars to scend forwards quicker than anyone had expected.”

Subsequent to comely chairperson of Crossing Drive Troupe on December 10, 1970, Lee Iacocca coherent the maturation of a littler Mustang for 1974 founding. Initial plans called for a downsized Mustang based on the covenant Crossing Irregular, interchangeable in sizing and index to the Falcon, the footing for archetype Mustang. Those plans were afterward scrapped in favour of a littler Mustang based on the subcompact Crossing Pinto. The archetype trot car was based on the squeeze Falcon and for its second-generation, the Mustang evolved from an eve littler chopine, the Pinto that was furled out in 1971. The last Mustang II product pattern was set in 1971 by Cock Nesbitt, but the new simulation was “less of a Pinto than the ’64½ had been a Falcon.”

1977 Ford Mustang

Kinda than replicating the unaltered designs of the GM jigger cars, Chevrolet Camaro and Pontiac Redbird, the Mustang II now competed against clean subcompact models that included GM’s Buick Skyhawk, Oldsmobile Starfire, Pontiac Sunbird, and Chevrolet Monza. The new exemplar would likewise bettor contend with 2+2 signification coupes such as the Toyota Celica, Datsun 240Z, Mazda RX-3, and the European Crossing Capri – which itself was elysian by the archetype Mustang but reinforced by Crossing of Europe, and marketed since April 1970 in the U.S. by Quicksilver as a intent signification. It saw a new contender from Germany in 1974 with the Volkswagen Scirocco, and the BMW 2002 introduced sooner in the recent Sixties. The new excogitation featured wrack and quill guidance and a reprint locomotive sub-frame that reduced disturbance, quiver, and severeness.

1977 Ford Mustang

According to Crossing’s Head Orchestrate Stuart M. Frey (jr. chum of Donald N. Frey) Iacocca expected a highschool layer of fit and goal, missing the car to be “a petty gem”. The Mustang II output was 385,993 units the outset twelvemonth. The big 1973 Mustang add reached 134,867, but the 1974 variation was inside “10 pct of the master Mustang’s 12-month yield immortalize of 418,812.” Ended five-spot eld the Mustang II recorded four-spot of the ten top manakin class Mustang sales. A 2009 paper confirmed Iacocca’s sight for the 1974-1978 Mustang, locution it “was the rectify car at the redress metre, marketing more 1 1000000 units in quatern age.”

The foundation of the Mustang II in September 1973 coincided with the oil embargo. The market was adjusting to the fire crisis, increasing indemnity rates, Joined States discharge standards, guard regulations, and downturns in the saving, too as the waning consumer ask in the jigger car section. GM had considered discontinuing the Camaro and Hangbird afterwards 1972, and in 1974 Chrysler discontinued the Barracuda and Duck Contender, American Motors discontinued the Javelin, and hoy, more stinting imported cars became progressively pop – “effectively, pick the section the Mustang had created, so derelict.”


Designers and engineers worked feverishly on a “reinvented” Mustang, mimicking the beginning interpretation, by the traditional new exemplar class unveiling during the capitulation of 1973. The new Mustang II returned to a sizing finisher to the 1965 exemplar, finally fetching the Drive Drift Car of the Yr. The economic Mustang II became democratic for consumers near concurrently with their know with gasolene rationing that was role of the 1973 oil crisis.

“Hardly as the master Mustang had been based on workaday Falcon components, Iacocca and companionship distinct to use about of the parts from the new-for-1971 subcompact Crossing Pinto as the ground for the Mustang.” The new Mustang was viewed as a “fun-to-drive saving” car, but “actually it divided its underpinnings with the … Pinto.” The Mustang II carried manipulation and technology improvements, its execution was corresponding to present-day Detroit products.

Competitors too included the Toyota Celica and the Datsun 240Z. Sales of such imports attracted fewer than 100,000 customers in 1965, but by 1972 requirement had increased; consequently, the “Mustang II’s deputation was to captivate a big slit of this goodish new pie.”

Usable as a coupe or three-door hatchback, the new car’s fundament locomotive was a 140 cu in (2.3 L) SOHC I4, the beginning amply metric-dimensioned locomotive reinforced in the U.S. A 171 cu in (2.8 L) V6 was the only optional locomotive. Mustang II packages ranged from the pedestal “Hardtop,” 2+2 hatchback, a “Ghia” opulence radical with vinyl cap, and a top of the cable V6-powered Mach 1. A V8 locomotive choice would not be usable in a Mustang for the sole sentence for the 1974 simulation yr (exclude in Mexico).

“The Mustang II’s attractive all-new styling was influenced by coachbuilder Ghia of Italy, which had late been acquired by Fording. It carried done the long-hood, short-deck motif of the pilot, and as Iacocca requested it came as a notchback and hatch-equipped fastback.” Mustangs missed their pillarless consistence stylus; all models now had frozen back windows and a chromium-plate covered “B” mainstay that resembled a hardtop, but in fact was a coupe. In Mustang advertisements, still, Fording promoted the notchback coupe as a “Hardtop”.

Nigh replicating the initial 1965 Mustang’s sales spate, “eve without any substantial operation collection, the ’74 Mustang II brought buyers operative into Fording dealerships.” Sales for the Mustang II increased in 1974, qualification it the 6th trump marketing Mustang ever with 296,041 units produced.


“With oil crisis memories start to slicing” Fording requisite a V8 in the Mustang II to restitution “execution to tidy levels.” The locomotive bay was re-engineered to bear the 302 cu in (4.9 L) V8 choice for the 1975 modelling yr, with revised bonnet and coping jury. The locomotive was special to a two-barrel carburettor and “net” 140 hp (104 kW; 142 PS). Since Fording’s Mexican segmentation ne’er missed the V8, they aided in the modifications.

Examination by Route & Rails “recorded naught to 96 km/h (60 mph) in 10.5 seconds, and a top speeding of 171 km/h (106 mph).” The Mustang II’s 302 cu in locomotive became Crossing’s get-go formally designated metrical V8 Mustang; it was called the “5.0 L” fifty-fifty though its capacitance was 4.942 L.

1977 Ford Mustang

Differently the optional V8 locomotive, the car underwent tiddler changes in 1975. The Ghia standard opera windows and a cushioned vinyl half-top. In mid-year, a 2.3 L “MPG” modelling was added, featuring a catalytic convertor and a 3.18:1 rear-axle proportion (stock was 3.40:1) to exact EPA-version saving estimates of 23 mpg-US (10 L/100 km; 28 mpg-imp) in the metropolis and 34 mpg-US (6.9 L/100 km; 41 mpg-imp) on the highway. To emphasise fire efficiency, all foot 2.3 L Mustang IIs were called MPG afterward 1975.

The Mustang II achieved commemorate sales for 1975, devising it the 9th outdo merchandising Mustang ever, with 199,199 sold.


In 1976, Fording offered the “Entire” show grouping including styled wheels, blacked-out grillwork, bumpers and trunk moldings besides as the “Cobra II” show packet with melanise grill, imitation cowling pocket, breast and arse spoilers, one-fourth windowpane louvers, emphasis chevron and a cobra allegory on the breast fenders – usable with all locomotive choices. Self-propelling historiographer Gary Witzenburg ascertained that decently equipt, the matter really performed jolly swell by 1976 standards.” Total instrumentality was touchstone. A manual daydream ceiling was optional.


The 1977 modeling twelvemonth introduced a “Sports Show Radical” for the Ghia simulation that was colour matched to either nigrify or tan blusher, too as various kid styling changes and expanded coloration options for the Cobra II. Besides new was a T-top selection for the fastback featuring counterpart obliterable tinted crank panels. Center done the 1977 simulation class, changes for the 1978 example twelvemonth were pulled beforehand to betray former. It is nearly luminary on the Cobra II models where the bonnet goop was off roughly to look more flowing and the art were revised. For the decals, the threefold chevron run the distance of the car were replaced with a i banding and unofficially of the car the ophidian and “COBRA II” decalcomania were replaced with a heavy band polish the mall with big “COBRA” inscription in the midsection. Louvers were added to the crosshatch and the position empanel louvers lonesome came in melanize. All the windowpane and chalk moldings were motley lightlessness besides.

1977 Ford Mustang


In 1978, the “Hamadryad” became useable. This was a express version variant with 4,313 units produced. It featured a cryptical air-dam, stripe, and a “Pontiac Trans-Am elan” cobra ophidian decalcomania on the hoodlum. The Hamadryad was useable lone with the V8 to helper pad the car’s operation persona.

1977 Ford Mustang

On the impulse of the Mustang II’s successful sales, a entirely new Mustang was introduced for the 1979 exemplar yr.

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