1976 Renault 6 L

Renault 6 L

The Renault 6 was a subcompact machine produced by the French maker Renault ‘tween 1968 and 1980.

1976 Renault 6 L

The Renault 6 was launched at the 1968 Paris Motive Appearance, and was intended to be an upmarket option to the Renault 4 that would vie with the Citroën Ami 6 and the latterly launched Citroën Dyane. The R6 put-upon the R4 chopine besides as its 845cc locomotive and was technically near-identical, but its hatchback torso was well more modernistic and resembled the Renault 16.

In its low two days of product, the R6 was criticised by the pressing for the R4-derived locomotive’s miss of superpower in the heavier R6. Still, a new adaptation of the R6 victimization the 1.1 l Cléon locomotive (an locomotive exploited in the Renault 8 since 1962) was unveiled at the 1970 Paris Motive Demonstrate and was wide regarded as a big advance. The new car besides had higher equipment levels also a new gearbox, cooling and figurehead disk brakes. For the Spanish commercialize the R6 was made uncommitted with a 956 cc locomotive, due to vehicles terminated 1040 cc organism nonexempt nether Spanish tax regulations. In 1974 the R6 was revamped with orthogonal headlights, new bum lights, a nigrify shaping grill, and new bumpers. The breast index lights besides stirred from ‘tween the bumper and the headlights to the bumper itself.

1976 Renault 6 L

Output and sales in France and near of Europe over in 1980, but in Spain and Argentina the car was hush produced and sold until 1986.

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