1975 Renault 12 Tl Wagon

Renault 12 TL Wagon

The Renault 12 was a heavy phratry car produced by the French maker Renault betwixt 1968 and 1980. Uncommitted as a saloon and waggon, it was besides produced nether permit in many countries crosswise the world into the former Xxi 100.

In its kickoff few eld the 12 standard extolment from the European closet for its broad, well-off inside, its styling, its execution and its low fire intake. Still it fared worsened in the Northwards American crush: in a run of the 1974 simulation, Route & Rail was decisive of the locomotive’s “noticeable” haphazardness, and called the enceinte, non-power steerage “a grievous invention blemish”. They too gave it “identical pitiable marks” for the ventilation.

Renault 12 yield and sales over in about of Europe in 1980, but the example continued to be produced and sold by Renault affiliates general. The conclusion R12 was produced in 1999 in Joker, whilst Romanian carmaker Dacia continued producing R12-based cars until 2004 and was stillness producing the 12 based Gamma pick-up in 2006.

The project

In 1965, Renault began to sketch a new modelling to span the gap betwixt the Renault 8 and the Renault 16. The demands for Propose 117 were:
“The car had to be scotch, not selfsame advanced. It had to sustain a roommate upcountry, and a prominent charge, and a belittled locomotive testament serve. The car had to be gentle to grow, so it could be made terminated the mankind. It had to be dependable for the exportation markets, and well-situated plenty for France. It should be functional as a fundament for multiple variations.”

1975 Renault 12 Tl Wagon

The Renault 12’s figure dates dorsum to the generation of the Renault 16; so, around initial R16 construct designs resemble the R12 more the ultimate designing of the R16. Still, the R12 was technically rather unlike from either the R16 or the littler Renault 4. Comparable all new Renaults at the clip the car had breast pedal cause, but the R12 had a really unlike layout. The locomotive was located lengthways forward of the breast wheels, patch it was buns the wheels on the R4 and R16; the locomotive itself was the fe form Cléon whole victimised since 1962 in the Renault 8/10 (the locomotive’s sizing was increased to 1289 cc for use in the 12). The emplacement of the locomotive allowed the R12 to bear a identical uncomplicated conception of the gear-selector that was situated on the deck of the car, and not on the fascia as with the R4 or on the direction tower as with the R16. The address to lock the handbrake was set nether the splasher. The R12’s hiatus differed from the R4 and R16 likewise, victimization a fixed (but twinkle) bum axle as opposed to four-wheeled freelancer reprieve.

1975 Renault 12 TL Wagon


At the clip of its found in October 1969 at the Paris Centrifugal Prove, the Renault 12 was sole useable as a four-door bar, in L and TL specifications, both of which were powered by a 1289cc locomotive rated at 40kW. The more expensive TL featured two offprint reclining battlefront seating alternatively of one presence judiciary ass, arm rests on the doors, lights in boot and glovebox, a het behind windowpane, and duplicate monition lights.

Notwithstanding in 1970 two new variants were introduced. Low, the wagon was launched with the like clipping levels and locomotive as in the saloon. Likewise, the highschool execution Renault 12 Gordini modeling was introduced weaponed with the all-aluminium 1565 cc pulley from the R16 TS fitted with two double-barrel carburettors, a strengthened crankshaft, a fin velocity gearbox, ventilated saucer brakes on the figurehead wheels and rule record brakes on the back wheels, and tuned respite. The Gordini was able-bodied to range 185 km/h and was but sold in amytal with doubling flannel stripe.

In October 1972, the more upmarket R12 TS was introduced. It secondhand like 1289 cm³ locomotive as in early R12s, but was weaponed with a image Wb carburetor which increased mightiness substantially and embossed top speeding to 150 km/h. Esthetically, the car was distinct from early R12s by its extra Gordini-style wheels, a chromium-plate peel on the position of the car, and two supernumerary headlights. The TS too featured unified headrests, a rev-counter and a cooling-fluid temperature calibre.

In October 1973, the R12 TR appeared. This manakin slotted betwixt the TL and TS, and had robotlike transmittance as criterion.

The unanimous stove was facelifted in 1975 with a new grillwork, back lamps and splasher.

North America

The American-market Renault 12 came in trey passementerie lines: 12, 12L, and 12TL, ranging in toll from an cheap US$ 2975 to a costly US$ 3448. It was a bigger car than nearly of its competitors, and the longitudinal figurehead roll effort layout contrasted with well-nigh. The locomotive, an R16 all-aluminum 1.6 L (1647 cc) whole which produced 65 hp (49 kW), was particular to the U.S. commercialize. It was upgraded in 1975 with hemispherical heads and a higher contraction proportion for 72 hp (54 kW).

South America

In Brazil, a variant of the 12 was sold as the Fording Corcel and afterward the Fording Del Rey, when Fording do Brasil acquired the mill and rights to anatomy the car from Renault in the previous Sixties. The Corcel was in fact launched in Brazil ahead the Renault 12 was launched in France.

The Renault 12 was real democratic in Argentina and Colombia, during the 70’s and 80’s. In Argentina, the local interpretation beingness made at the imbed of Renault Argentina at the responsibility of Córdoba. In Colombia, this car organism made at the embed of Renault SOFASA in Medellín metropolis ‘tween 1973 and 1981.

1975 Renault 12 Tl Wagon

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