1973 Renault 15 Tl

Renault 15 TL

The Renault 15 and Renault 17 were two variations of the like car intentional and reinforced by French maker Renault ‘tween 1971 and 1980. They were efficaciously takeoveré versions of the Renault 12. The briny conflict ‘tween the two cars was their headlamp contour – the 15 had two orthogonal headlights whereas the 17 had iv troll headlights.

1973 Renault 15 Tl

The Renault 15 and 17 were presented at the Paris Motive Appearance in October 1971.

The form and near of the run pitch came from the Renault 12, piece the 1565cc 108bhp locomotive in the more muscular R17 TS and R17 Gordini models was derived from the locomotive in the Renault 16 TS. Though the mechanicals of the cars were derived from early Renaults, the eubstance was totally new; Due to superstitions, the R17 was sold as R177 in Italy. The R15 and R17 remained in product until 1979 when they were both replaced by the Renault Fuego.

1973 Renault 15 Tl


  • October 1971: Founding of the Renault 15 and Renault 17 two-door coupes. The R15 TL had the 1289cc locomotive from the Renault 12 (rated at 60bhp), whereas the R15 TS, R17 TL and R17 TS all had the 1565cc from the Renault 16 TS (rated at 90bhp for the R15 TS and R17 TL, and at 108bhp injectant for the R17 TS). The R15 TL, R15 TS and R17 TL all had a 4-speed gearbox whereas the R17 TS had a 5-speed gearbox.
  • 1973: Textile sunshine-roof usable on R17 TL and TS.
  • 1974: R17 TS locomotive upgraded to 1605cc.
  • 1975: R17 TS renamed R17 Gordini.
  • Marchland 1976: New R15 and R17 ranges introduced as follows: R15 TL, R15 GTL, R17 TS and R17 Gordini. The R15 TL/GTL were automatically very to the before R15 TL, patch the R17 TS and Gordini had the 1647cc locomotive from the Renault 16 TX.
  • 1979: R15/17 product ends.
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