1972 Fiat X1 9

Fiat X1-9

The Edict X1/9 is a roadster mid-engined sports car intentional by Bertone and reinforced by Decree Output lasted from 1972 to 1989 with the outset prescribed right cause version arriving in 1976. Intended to be the low low-priced mid-engined sports car, the X1/9 is famed for its precipitous styling, immaculate manipulation and a proclivity to chop-chop corrode nether all but the well-nigh dried of weather.

Concept car

The X1/9 started sprightliness in 1969 as a read construct car called the Autobianchi A112 Roadster, with styling by Bertone nether chieftain decorator Marcello Gandini. It was intentional some the all-new 128 SOHC locomotive and gearbox (transmittance) from the movement pedal crusade Decree 128, but ill-used these parts in a basal way, moving the intact transversal driving gearing and reprieve gathering from the strawman of the 128 to the arse of the Autobianchi Two-seater, handsome a mid-engined layout.

The epitome car featured a typical wedge and took many styling cues from present-day power-boat pattern. Though the more extremum features of the Roadster such as the C mainstay mounted headlights and the diminished wind-deflector windshield were doomed for the yield car many esthetic features of the Autobianchi Two-seater are pronto identifiable on the X1/9. The foresightful flatbed cowling (cowl) with exchange indention, the enceinte movement beetle, the cuneus with large C column roll-over ring and the car-length indented plimsoll-line all made the successful conversion to the X1/9 freehanded it a extremely classifiable show.

Formerly highly-developed for yield, the runabout featured sharp-edged styling with a wedge, pop-fly headlights and a obliterable difficult top cap empanel (targa top) which could be stowed in the battlefront charge. Stylistically, the car looked middling comparable a illumination reading of its ulterior stablemate, the Lancia Monte Carlo, which was primitively called the Decree X1/8, so afterwards the X1/20 at the conception stagecoach.

1972 Fiat X1 9

1972 Fiat X1-9


1972 Fiat X1 9

The X1/9 gens stands out amongst the coeval Order car names for not conformist to the criterion (at the clip) numeral designations. FIATs of the sentence were named exploitation a introductory numeral organisation (127, 128, 124, 131 etcetera) denoting their congener billet in the stream framework line-up, the X1/9 beingness the only elision to this principle.

The discover stems from the codenames employed by Rescript for their new developing projects during the tardy Sixties and former Seventies. The ‘X’ projects were subcategorised as X0 (for engines), X1 (for rider vehicles) and X2 (for commercial-grade vehicles). The kickoff passenger-vehicle highly-developed with this encrypt (X1/1) was released as the Rescript 128 in 1969; over-the-counter known vehicle-codes are shown in the mesa downstairs. Though primitively visualized as the ‘128 Wanderer’, the X1/9 unambiguously maintained its paradigm inscribe done to product.

1972 Fiat X1 9


Abaft eminent floor of pastime was shown in the Two-seater construct, the car was speedily productionised for discharge in 1972 to substitute the ripening 850 Wanderer by Bertone. It was not intended as a successor for the 124 Play Wanderer and output of the 124 Wanderer and X1/9 continued in latitude for often of the X1/9’s liveliness. The car’s monocoque consistence was produced at the Bertone mill in Torino (Turin) so transported crosswise townsfolk to the Rescript’s illustrious Lingotto manufactory for the installing of the locomotive and net gathering. In 1982, briefly abaft the creation of the 1500 manakin, finish product of the car was devolved to Bertone and all cars produced from that gunpoint were badged as the Bertone X1/9.

The kickoff models featured a free-revving 75 bhp (56 kW) 1300 cc bingle smash cam locomotive with an aluminum nous. Therein shape, the car had less than spectacular operation, hampered jolly by the astonishingly enceinte consistency carapace. The angle mostly stems from the vast effectiveness of the bodyshell, reinforced to pay the car the like wreck resistivity in US smash tests as a saloon. Ironically patch the X1/9 passed these tests, many stock US models of the day failed them, and finally the examination criteria were relaxed. Nonetheless the excogitation was finish by so then the bodyshell rigourousness is considerable for a car of its typewrite, and it likewise allows exponent plants of practically greater superpower to be added without the demand to strengthen the criterion casing.

For the U.S. marketplace, extra discharge command equipment and gravid rubber bumpers were added, which sapped execution flush more – an addition of locomotive capability to 1500 cc with 85 bhp (63 kW) part dealt with this. Patch the locomotive itself was wide regarded as a mulct pattern, the fact was that the car was kinda big for its powerfulness (though lighter by advanced standards at astir 2250 lb.), scorn its little sizing and sports car aspirations.

1972 Fiat X1 9

Edict considered fashioning the X1/9 the ground for their efforts in rally, but alternatively opted for the Lancia Stratos, a alike designing likewise intentional by Bertone and Gandini.

The conclusion yield models were named the Grandmother Finish and sold ended the 1989/1990 catamenia. They were a monger adjustment of the Exceptional Variation (ordinarily brief to SE) of 1988/1989, with the accession of a bum freebooter and Nanna Coda badges.

1972 Fiat X1 9


The X1/9 was not decently highly-developed for output, and a repute for problems dour the manakin end-to-end its unmistakably yearn aliveness. The captive infinite of the locomotive compartment meant that bit sustainment was oftentimes skipped, and it too led to problems with overheating. A chilling fan was added for the carburettor, which differently would get so hot fire would aerify in the drift bedroom, preeminent to fire famishment. The exhaust was located infra a rudimentary bole, which would get so hot that it was wild to position things hither. Other models were besides prostrate to previous rust to an extent that it endangered the certificate of the guidance wrack. Thither were problems with speedy assume of the infection and particularly, bankruptcy of the reverse, fifty-fifty if the driver was thrifty not to use setback on level a small drive raise, kinda funding declivitous into the drive to avert nisus. The fire organisation would farm exceedingly hunky-dory rusting that would transit the fire filtrate and finalize in the carburettor bowlful, finally block a decisive transition that mandatory carburettor remotion and flushing – advantageously inside the capabilities of the habitation machinist, but a pain however.

Disdain its mid-engined constellation, burden dispersion was not double-dyed, the commonly first-class manipulation shortly worse with wet or slippy weather as the figurehead wheels could battle to increase clutch below the comparatively sparkle forepart of the car. By removing the trim wear from buns the rider arse and securing it in the presence compartment the directing constancy for square drive was greatly enhanced and the rally fairly improved, at the disbursement of its agile manipulation at low amphetamine. The low mounted catalytic convertor compulsory tending in selecting an off-pavement parking locating, lest a sess flak be started.

In demarcation to these terrene problems, and the fact that it was frequently fired as a “styler’s car” by approximately, the car was well-thought-of by those in the cognise for its staggeringly effective manipulation and active qualities which made it a joy to cause and a existent driver’s car. One motoring reassessment of the car aft a 12,000 knot (19,000 km) essay consisted plainly of iii speech: “A babe Ferrari”. Enthusiasts of the brand too took the measure deficiency of mightiness into their own custody, and a pop do-it-yourself rebirth was to graft a 2.0 L Lancia DOHC locomotive in, boosting functioning hugely. Replacement the self-coloured presence bracken rotors with vented Lancia parts was another commons qualifying. A more forward-looking option is the Uno Turbo locomotive (MK1 is easier), which is a straightaway onwards locomotive barter. Besides the vented Uno turbo brakes pee-pee an light advance.

The obliterable hardtop, although not great, could be clumsy for about multitude to take and substitute until the right proficiency was worked out. Handily it could be stored in the movement trunk which had fittings intentional to insure it. Thither was an aftermarket top made by Saratoga which was made of whippersnapper polycarbonate, and had the extra vantage of organism lucid.

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