1971 Mercedes Benz Sl Class

Mercedes-Benz SL-Class

The Mercedes-Benz R107 automobiles were produced from 1972 done 1989. They were sold below the SL-Class and SLC-Class framework names, severally. The R107 replaced the W113 SL-Class in 1972 and was replaced by the R129 SL-Class in 1989.

The hypothesis butt the R107 was mere – issue the bod components of the mid sizing Mercedes-Benz W114 example and checkmate them to the bigger engines from the S-Class. Spell too angulate to be a really well-favoured car, comparable the W113 Pagoda, owning one lull carried quite bit of seal at the metre. The W 107 anatomy is sometimes referred to as “R 107” for “Reihe” (serial). The US models reinforced on the 107 anatomy were the 350 SL, 380 SL, 450 SL, and the 560 SL. (One of the European models of the 107 phratry was a “280 SL”. This should not be disjointed with 280 SL of the originally 113 build.)

The SL discrepancy was a 2 bum transformable. It proven democratic, specially in the Joined States. This was eventide more singular because the R107 was fitted with horrid portruding 5 knot per minute bumpers in the US grocery, due to regulations administered by NHTSA. The R107 was intentional barely earlier this legislating, so these bumpers were engineered as an reconsideration.

1971 Mercedes Benz Sl Class

The SLC (technically C107) differential was an SL stretched 10 inches, a 2 threshold hardtop coupe, with operational ass seating. It was replaced sooner than the SL, with a practically bigger exemplar, the 380SEC. It was aimed at the like grocery as more alien machines ilk the Panther E-Type and Citroën SM.

The 107 figure had the longest run of any Mercedes bod, 18 days from 1971 to 1989. About 237,000 107 figure SL’s were reinforced. Roughly two thirds were sold in the US. These 107 cars are bigger, heavier, and more pricey than the premature contemporaries W113 cars.

1971 Mercedes Benz Sl Class

1971 Mercedes-Benz SL-Class

Prices increased dramatically. The soonest 107, the 1971 350 SL, sold for most $11,000. 18 geezerhood late, the finis 107 modelling, the 560SL, sold for roughly $64,000. Roughly writers and reviewers get commented that patch the 107 engines were bigger (3.8 and 4.5 liters compared to 2.8 liters of the finis 113 cars), functioning was not practically improved because of the heavier weightiness and the US mandated discharge fittings.

1971 Mercedes Benz Sl Class

Output of the beginning R107 car, the 350 SL, started in November 1970 aboard the finis of the W 113 cars. An interesting sidelight is that when the offset 350’s were exported to the US, because of the rigid h.p. robbing emanation requirements, the US 350’s were shipped with low compressing 4.5 litre engines. A Mercedes Benz overhaul someone aforementioned that when these cars came in for serving, his shit replaced 350 SL exemplar badges with 450 SL badges.

450 SL’s were produced until 1980. Around 450 SL’s suffered from vaporization ringlet and laborious resume because of the spot of the catalytic convertor. The strawman and behind bumpers apiece grew out astir 8 inches later 1973 to follow with US refuge regulations. Approximately esteem the archetype shorter bumpers as big a amend anticipate the car.

1971 Mercedes Benz Sl Class

Future was the 380 SL reinforced from roughly 1981 to 1985. The 380 SL was the least potent of the US imported R107 roadsters. Around of these cars besides had a bingle timing concatenation which had to be serviced or replaced with a two-bagger range to forfend severe locomotive problems. The more knock-down 500SL with 5.0 litre locomotive, produced from 1980-1989, was not uncommitted in the USA done MB USA and was democratic in “grayish mart” signification ahead the reaching of the 560SL (just made for the USA and Australian marketplace) in 1986-1989.

W 107 cars are considered by fans to be among the outdo look SL’s e’er produced, with batch of powerfulness. Roughly say that spell 107 cars may birth sacrificed roughly operation, they gave a more prosperous cod than the late contemporaries 113 cars.

Contempt the bigger 5.6 litre locomotive of the 560SL, the 500SL is recorded as beingness the quickest yield 107 produced (generally because of the deficiency of discharge restraints.) The 500SL was promulgated by Mercedes-Benz as having 0-60 multiplication of 7.4 seconds for a top velocity of 140 mph. Torsion for the 500SL is 297@3200 rpm and for the 560SL 279@3250 rpm. The 500SL was not useable in the USA or Australian markets done Mercedes Benz dealers.

The end 107 made, a 1989 500SL calico Stellar Silver-tongued, resides in the Mercedes-Benz museum in Stuttgart, Germany.

1971 Mercedes Benz Sl Class

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