1971 Ford Mustang

Ford Mustang

The 1971 Mustang – introduced in September 1970 – was green-lighted by Crossing’s new chair, Semon “Bunkie” Knudsen, erstwhile of Universal Motors. Again, the revised modelling grew in sizing, gaining 3 inches in breadth in club to suit Crossing’s big blockage 429 cu in (7.0 L) V8 without demand for an all-encompassing abatement redesign.

As earlier thither were ternary trunk styles offered: Hardtop (useable in stand or Grande clipping), Sportsroof (usable in stand or Mach 1 trimming), and transformable (no particular clipping packages uncommitted).


1971 Ford Mustang

The new 1971 hardtop featured a spectacular “tunnelback” backside windowpane pattern with flow behind pillars, a windup of the styling example of the extroverted framework. Hardtops with ‘Grande’ shave gained a vinyl ceiling and Grande badges on the C-pillars.

An extra variation, the Give Peculiar, was usable betwixt Abut and May 1971, which added Mach 1 styling cues (incline chevron, tu-tone pigment, urethane bumper, honeycomb grille with sportlamps) to the hardtop.

1971 Ford Mustang


Sportsroof models were useable in stand configurations in accession to the Mach 1 and Hirer 351 variation/execution options.

1971 Ford Mustang

The Mach 1s were uncommitted with two-tone blusher schemes, optional hockey-stick stripe, NACA (NASA) bonnet scoops (operational on examples coherent with Ram Air), colour keyed position mirrors, and extra sports/functioning options. All Mach 1 models came strain with urethane figurehead bumpers and an jump grillwork weaponed with yellow-brown sportlights. Though the Mach 1 is much associated with the NACA cap (a no-cost choice) and early styling cues, foundation Mach 1s could be had with the stock cap and the 302 2V locomotive.

Knob 351 examples were alike in appearing to the Mach 1, and included a bigger black-out cowl than Mach 1’s, breast and backside spoilers, treble tucker with no bum cornice cutouts, and chromium-plate bumpers mated with the sportlamp grill.


Convertibles were weaponed with a ability top and a methamphetamine bottom windowpane. The 1973 models were the conclusion Mustangs useable as a transmutable until 1982. Convertibles featured no unequalled outside optical box of their own during their outset yr of foundation.

1971 Ford Mustang

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