1971 Citroen Sm Automat

Citroen SM Automat

The Citroën SM was a gamy functioning putsché produced by the French producer Citroën betwixt 1970 and 1975. The SM located tierce in the 1971 European Car of the Yr repugn, tracking its stablemate Citroën GS, and won the 1972 Centrifugal Style Car of the Twelvemonth honour in the US in 1972.

In 1961, Citroën began work ‘Labor S’ – a sports form of the subverter Citroën DS. As was accustomed for the strong, many operative construct vehicles were highly-developed, progressively composite and upmarket from the DS – finally decent a doughnut fomite for the make. Citroën purchased Maserati in 1968 with the design of harnessing Maserati’s highschool execution locomotive engineering to create a unfeigned Grannie Turismo car, combination the advanced Citroën respite with a Maserati V6 locomotive.

The solution was the Citroën SM (Sportsman Maserati), kickoff shown at the Hollands Motive Establish in March1970. It ultimately went on sale in France in September of that class. All produced were left-hand-drive, although around RHD conversions were through in the UK.

1971 Citroen Sm Automat

The SM was Citroën’s flagship fomite, competing with former gamy operation GTs of the clip from manufacturers such as Panther, Lotus and Porsche. It was likewise Citroën’s way of demonstrating barely how often exponent and functioning could be accommodated in a front-wheel effort excogitation.

The SM innovated a new typecast of varying serve ability guidance that has since gap end-to-end the fomite universe. It allowed big help to the automobilist patch parking, but petty assist at thruway speeds. The guidance really had the like “attend” at all speeds – the steerage was hydraulicly locked against guidance cause of the wheels from the route (“feedback”) capable the capability of the whole. Striking a pothole at highschool speeding would not turning the wheel in the driver’s men! The hydraulic imperativeness to the exponent snap whole increased with upper, handsome the printing of less and less powerfulness “attend.” Adequate force was admitted to the focus whole to restitution the wheels to the straightaway beforehand office when the car was not moving. The focus pressing was regulated by a flyweight motor regulator compulsive by the shackle (petty) cock of the manual gearbox and by a proportioning valve affiliated to the insistency in the machinelike gearbox, which coerce was relative to the swiftness of the turnout quill.

1971 Citroen Sm Automat

1971 Citroen SM Automat

Contemporaneous self-propelling journalists were nearly burbling around the SM’s dynamical qualities, which were dissimilar anything they had experient anterior. The SM provided a combining of quilt, crisp treatment, and high-pitched functioning not useable in any former car at the clip. Democratic Skill famed that the SM had the shortest fillet aloofness of any car they had well-tried. To this day this fillet aloofness cadaver prominent.

Unluckily, the SM did not incur a sufficient client fundament in the European GT mart, but lots of the SM’s engineering was carried ahead to the successful Citroën CX, launched in 1974 – the DIRAVI steerage existence the nigh obvious lesson. The like introductory locomotive in magnified 3.0 L shape (approximately in Italy had 2 liter) was victimised in Maserati’s own Merak which, conjointly the Khamsin, secondhand Citroën’s mellow coerce hydraulics.


The looking of the car was rather trenchant. Intentional in-house by Citroën’s head intriguer Robert Opron, the SM calibre a faint folk resemblance to the DS. Seen from supra, the SM resembled a tear, with a lots wider rail at the movement.

The SM was remarkably flowing for its era, with a real low cart coefficient. European critics marvelled at the resulting power to move for hours at 200 km/h (120 mph) in puff. In add-on, many of the details reflected Robert Opron’s American setting, notably the abbreviated ‘fins’ at the bottom.

The SM combined many strange features – lights that swivelled with the direction (demur in the USA where such was illegal), singular self-centering and full powered direction, self-leveling headlights (exclude in the USA where such was illegal), a wiper mechanics that was ‘sore’ to rainwater, and many early features that are now prosaic on the cars of nowadays.

The SM’s figure was dateless; the car was tied victimised in a 1999 telly advertizement for British Crude of Spain, where ‘a futurist car was needful’. It located 11th on Machine Cartridge’s 2005 “100 Coolest Cars” itemisation.

In 1970, it was a car of the hereafter and the quickest front-wheel crusade car to be made. It was an model of the car as a symbolisation of optimism and liberal engineering, standardised to the SM’s modern-day, the Concorde aircraft.

US exports

The briny exportation commercialize for the SM was the Joined States. In the US, the commercialize for personal sumptuousness cars was often bigger than in Europe, with competitors ilk the Cadillac Eldorado, Lincoln Cross IV and Fording Thunderbird aboard a expectant excerption of Italian, English, and German imports. Withal, the unparalleled innovation of the SM made quite spattering and won the Centrifugal Style clip Car of the Class honor in 1972: unheard of for a non-US fomite at the sentence.

The SM’s six headlamp prepare was illegal in the Joined States and accordingly, US stipulation cars were fitted with 4 set circle uncovered lamps.

Contempt initial achiever, US sales ceased dead – Citroën expected (but did not experience) an immunity for the 1974 example yr 5 mph bumper regulating imposed by the NHTSA. The intact varying peak respite of the SM made submission unimaginable. The law as scripted called for bumpers to be an demand acme off the priming at all multiplication, yet according to the laws of physics, cars dip at the nozzle on braking. Vehicles classified as trucks were invariably free and the full law was finally repealed in 1981. The net mass of 134 now illegal 1974 US exemplar SMs were shipped to Japan.


The SM was sold with trey identical like, minor, jackanapes engines, all derived from the present-day Maserati V8 fitted to the Quattroporte. Because of the V8 descent, this locomotive sported an strange 90 point fish betwixt cylinder banks – a trait divided with the PRV V6.

The engines – perpetually mounted buns the breast axle were:

  • 2.7 L V6 with Wb 42 DCNF carburettors, “C114-1” (170 bhp) (1970-1972)
  • 2.7 L V6 with Bosch D-Jetronic injectant, “C114-03” (178 bhp) (1973-1975 – Not useable in the US)
  • 3.0 L V6 with Wb 42 DCNF carburettors, “C114-11” (180 bhp) (1973-1975 – US solitary in 1973, remainder of the earth, automatonlike lone in 1974 & 1975)
  • The sizing of the 2.7 L locomotive was modified by French puissance fiscale tax, which efficaciously prohibited heavy shift vehicles. The locomotive was too secondhand in the Maserati Merak from 1973 to 1982 and the Ligier JS2 sports car. The concluding SMs were produced in the Ligier mill in Vichy.

    5 swiftness manual and 3 speeding Borg Warner amply robotlike transmissions were fitted, but with the ease of the earth international Northward America alone acquiring the full reflex in 1974 & 1975.

    The C114 is a comparatively inflexible whole, provided sealed modifications are performed to annihilate debile points leadership to ruinous scathe:

  • The na filled expel valves may breakage and fall into the cylinder. Self-colored valves are useable.
  • Main dispersion concatenation may weary untimely due to undue palpitation. A curving string clipper should be fitted, eliminating vibe.
  • Oil ticker ride lance is underdimensioned and may breaking. Maserati beefed up the dick in ulterior versions, and this should be retrofitted ie already confront.
  • This clause is accredited nether the GNU Disengage Support Licence. It uses substantial from Wikipedia.

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