1970 Volkswagen K70

Volkswagen K70

The Volkswagen K70 (marked as “ka siebzig” in German) is a saloon auto produced by both NSU and Volkswagen from 1969 to 1974. The K70 was the beginning VW to suffer a front-mounted watercooled locomotive.

1970 Volkswagen K70

The K70 was earlier highly-developed by NSU as a littler comrade to the more renowned Ro 80, the briny remainder beingness that the K70 ill-used a established plunger locomotive rather of the Ro80’s more complicated Wankel circular locomotive. The diagnose “K70” referred to the fact that the locomotive had a superpower turnout of 70 hp (52 kW), the “K” denoting the German intelligence “Kolben”, signification Plunger.

In 1969, equitable as the car was some to be launched, NSU was interpreted complete by Volkswagen, who structured the Neckarsulm accompany with Auto-Union/Audi, which it had acquired in 1964. VW was in despairing demand for a new class saloon to supercede the abortive Case 4, which itself was intended to supercede the Beetling. Thought that the K70, featuring strawman bicycle campaign and mod styling, was the complete way to transubstantiate its ikon, the Wolfsburg tauten quick scrapped packaging fabric screening the K70 badged as an NSU, and rather put it into product as a Volkswagen.

Scorn the dissimilar badging, buyers tarred the K70 with the like skirmish as its treacherous Ro 80 babe car, star to pitiable sales. The K70 besides became ill-famed for life-threatening corroding problems, and selfsame few bear survived as a resultant. It was replaced in 1973 by the Audi-based Volkswagen Passat.

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