1970 Ford Thunderbird

Ford Thunderbird

The 1970 Thunderbird continued with the like chopine and many of the like parts and styling cues victimised in the 1967 to 1969 models, including the serial twist signals integrated into the full-of-the-moon jury stern lights in the bum of the fomite. The about obtrusive alter was in the breast facia where thither was now a gravid big jutting resembling a shuttlecock or eagle’s nib that was in contrast with farseeing angulate lines in the hoodlum. Semon “Bunkie” Knudsen, the quondam GM man now Chairperson of Fording, is aforementioned to be responsible this striking vary. The T-bird was offered in coupe or sports-back models for these two geezerhood, the latter beingness a foster differentiation from the ’67 to ’69 models.

1970 Ford Thunderbird

In 1971, Neiman Marcus offered “his and hers” Thunderbirds in its 1970 catalogue, with telephones, videotape recorders and otc niceties. Sold but as a couple, they retailed for a totality of $25,000 USD. The 1971 Thunderbird was largely a transfer from the 1970 simulation as Fording disposed to liberation a new, bigger Thunderbird for 1972. It was besides the close twelvemonth to crack a four-door.

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