1970 Fiat 125 Special

Fiat 125 Special

The Rescript 125 was a prominent folk car introduced by Rescript in 1967. The form was based thereon of the forthcoming exemplar, the Decree 1300/1500 (the thirster version), the consistency was a foster (prolonged) maturation of the Rescript 124 – both had the like rider compartment and doors, whilst the locomotive was derived from that in the 124: a 1608 cc dohc with 90 bhp.

In 1968 the 125S (“Especial”) was added to the stove, with 100 bhp (from a limited cylinder nous, camshaft and recess multiply) and a cinque fastness gearbox. A multifariousness of otc improvements were made including improved trimness and styling. The 125 was praised when new for its manipulation and kinetics.

The Especial was facelifted in 1970 with improved passementerie and around styling details. A three-speed machinelike infection besides became useable as an choice.

1970 Fiat 125 Special


A version was made by dealers in New Zealand for motorsport which had bigger valves, two couple 40DHLA carburettors, limited camshafts and a higher compressing proportion to acquire some 125 bhp. Just 84 were limited ahead Order hq base out and stopped-up this speculation.

Otc versions were reinforced by Moretti, who made the 125GS 1.6 with styling alike to the Decree Dino Wanderer. Zagato made the 125Z; Savio, a 125 Putsché and 125 Wagon; Pininfarina, a 125 Administrator; and Vignale produced the Samantha, a two doorway takeoveré with pop-fly headlights.

Foreign production

1970 Fiat 125 Special

Output by Rescript in Italy ceased in 1973 when the Decree 132 was introduced, a sum of 603,877 cars having been reinforced. The 125 remained in output in otc countries, including Argentina, where yield continued until 1982 and included demesne and putsché versions. In Poland, a differential of the example was produced from 1967 to 1991 (see under). In Egypt product went on until 1983, with the Edict 125 unexpended one of the about sought cars due to its enduringness and reliableness.

Polski Fiat 125p / FSO 1300 & 1500

A certify simulate was too produced in Poland by the FSO car manufactory from 1967 until 1991, nether the mark Polski Edict as the Polski Rescript 125p, and after as the FSO 1500, FSO 1300, or FSO 125p.

It was a fairly simplified variant of the Decree car, with out-of-date 1300 ccm or 1500 ccm engines and mechanicals from the Order 1300/1500. Cultivation cars differed in details from Italian ones, near seeable were four-spot beat headlights rather of straightforward ones. This framework was too uncommitted as an land (the Polski Rescript 125p Kombi) and a getaway, and afterward spawned a 5-door hatchback modelling, the FSO Polonez.

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