1969 Mercedes Benz 280 Se 35 Cabriolet

Mercedes-Benz 280 SE 3.5 Cabriolet

Pattern of a substitute for the two-door Pontons began in 1957, as about of the flesh and drivetrain were to be integrated with the saloon, the range was focussed on the outside styling. Approximately of the mockups and prototypes demonstrate that Mercedes-Benz attempted to consecrate the two-door car a figurehead styling nearly very to what would be realized in the Pagoda buggy, but finally favoured the study of organise Paul Bracq. The arse bodywork notwithstanding, persisted, and hence, though formally lull called a fintail the bum excogitation had no chromium-plate fin highlights.

1969 Mercedes Benz 280 Se 35 Cabriolet

Output began in recent 1960, and in February of the succeeding class the coupe was premiered in Stuttgart for the Lxxi anniversary of the scuttle of Mercedes-Benz Museum. The exchangeable followed at the Frankfurt Motorcar Appearance a few months after; the car was nigh indistinguishable to the coupe, with the soft-top ceiling folded into a break arse the back behind and covered by a tightfitting leather “thrill” in the like gloss as the seating. Different the old multiplication of two-door ponton serial, thither was lonesome one exemplar for the 2-door fomite, the 220SE on both versions, with the monovular M127 2195 cc locomotive. Prices in 1962 were 32,500 for the coupe and 36,000 NLG for the cab. Options included a sliding sunshine-roof for the coupe, automatonlike infection, index guidance, and soul behind seating.

In Adjoin 1962, Mercedes-Benz released the nearly monovular two-door 300SE. Nevertheless, due to merchandising reasons, this car, wish its saloon stablemate, was unbroken obscure from the 220SE, and had its own build act W112, which visualised it as a replacement to the W187 300S two-door serial, quite than the Ponton orbit. The car was featured with a chromium-plate peel, air respite and Daimler’s top-range 2996 cm3 M189 locomotive. For prices of 45,000 and 48,500 for the difficult and subdued roofs severally, this fomite remained cleave from the repose of the W111 sept.

1969 Mercedes Benz 280 Se 35 Cabriolet

1969 Mercedes-Benz 280 SE 3.5 Cabriolet

In summertime of 1965 Mercedes-Benz launched its new replacements for both W111 and W112 sedans, the W108 and W109 severally. In an wry whirl of fortune, this car’s pattern was based on the “fintail” W111 coupe, but widened and squared off, as the fintail mode was promptly wearing by the mid Sixties. Figure work a succeeding new form that would amply supercede the Ponton-derivatives which both W111/W112 and W108/W109 were, was comfortably nether way (the construct car of the outset S-Class was shown in 1967). Tending these two facts, Daimler did not produce a W108/W109 two-door fomite at all and continued yield of the W111/W112. Nonetheless both models were modernized; the 220SE was superseded in other fall by the 250SE which featured the new 2496 cm3 M129 locomotive, producing 150 hp (110 kW) at 5500 rpm, which gave it a substantial betterment in top hurrying, 193 km/h (120 mph) (188 km/h (117 mph) on car), and 0-100 km/h quickening 12 seconds (14 on automobile). Visibly the changes solitary touched the new 14-inch rims with new hub cabs and knockout rings; this was to adapt the bigger harrow brakes and the new arse axle from the W108 kinfolk.

In November 1967, the 250 SE was superseded by the new 280 SE. The new M130 locomotive had 2778 three-dimensional centimetres bulk, and production 160 hp (120 kW) at 5500 rpm. Top velocity was scarce touched, the speedup though improved to 10.5 seconds (13 on automobile). Indoors the car standard a woo facing choice on the fascia and otc nipper changes including threshold curl buttons and dissimilar warmer levers. The hubcaps were changed yet again to a new one man excogitation and the pattern of the outside mirror changed. The 300 SE, based on the other Fifties M189, was besides retired. The innovative 280 SE could outmatch the 300 SE disdain the littler locomotive.

The coupe and cab was rear to a 1 modeling until its successor, the new-generation anatomy in 1968.

1969 Mercedes Benz 280 Se 35 Cabriolet

The 280 SE 3.5

A last framework was added in Revered 1969, the 280 SE 3.5. The car was fitted with the spick-and-span M116 3499 cc V8 locomotive with 200 hp (150 kW) at 5800 rpm, a top amphetamine of 210 km/h (130 mph) (205 km/h (127 mph) with reflexive transmittance) and a 0-100 at 9.5 seconds (11.5 for the machine). To fit the big locomotive, the car’s forepart grill was widened and figurehead and bum bumpers were limited with the add-on of safe strips. The ass lenses changed to a blandish cleanser pattern. This vary was carried crossways the touchstone 280 SE. About purview this car as an ideologic heir to the W112 300 SE, though it lacked the air abeyance of the W112.

1969 Mercedes Benz 280 Se 35 Cabriolet

Thither were plans to berth the bigger M117 V8 locomotive in the W111 (the example would sustain been called 280 SE 4.5).

The finish 280 SE was produced in January 1971, with the 280 SE 3.5 close in July. The tally output o’er the declination was: 220 SEb – 16,902, 250 SE – 6,213, 280 SE – 5,187, and 280 SE 3.5 – 4,502 units. Not including 3,127 W112 300 SE models, the m amount of 2-door W111 models was 32,804 of which 7,456 were convertibles.

1969 Mercedes Benz 280 Se 35 Cabriolet

The permutation for the 2-doors models was the C107 SLC, focalization on press sportiness. Furthermore, for about two-decades the four-seater translatable would evaporate from Mercedes-Benz’s card entirely (alone in 1992 did Daimler launching the A124).

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