1969 Fiat 130 2800 Limousine

Fiat 130 2800 Limousine

The Order 130 was a gravid administrator car manufactured by the Italian carmaker Edict, uncommitted as pothouse and takeoveré.

1969 Fiat 130 2800 Limousine

The ginmill was launched in Borderland 1969, replacement the old largest and well-nigh single Edict ginmill, the Order 2300. It was a soundly innovative car, with four-wheeled freelancer dangling (tortuousness bars in the strawman and volute springs in the behind), banner powerfulness steerage and four-wheeled saucer brakes, and was the get-go Order to acquire an alternator alternatively of a direct-current author.

The Putsché, based on the like program, united in 1971. It was intentional and reinforced by Pininfarina, and importantly unlike latest, including a break upcountry pattern. Flush more voluptuous, it level featured a button-operated mechanics allowing the driver to clear the passenger-side doorway.

The taphouse went out of output in 1976, with 15,093 produced. The Putsché continued until the next twelvemonth, and yield concluded with 4,294 reinforced in aggregate.


A whole new V6 locomotive, with a 60° vee slant and belt-driven counterpart smash camshafts was highly-developed for the example by Ferrari locomotive architect Aurelio Lampredi. It displaced 2866 cc and was rated at 140 hp. Might was delivered to the bottom axle via stock three-speed reflexive infection, and a five-speed ZF manual was an alternative. The locomotive was uprated to 160 hp for 1970, and replaced by a bigger, 3235cc and producing 165bhp.

In 1978 the old Italian Chancellor Aldo Moro was crashed into, kidnapped, and afterwards killed by the fto Red Brigades, whilst he was traveling in a nigrify, prescribed Order 130.

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