1968 Ford Thunderbird

Ford Thunderbird

The Fording Thunderbird is a car manufactured in the Joined States by the Crossing Drive Troupe. It entered output for the 1955 simulation class as a roadster jazzy car; dissimilar the superficially interchangeable (and slenderly before) Chevrolet Corvette, the Thunderbird was ne’er sold as a matured sports car. Crossing described it as a personal sumptuousness car, a description which named a new marketplace section. In 1958, the Thunderbird gained a arcsecond row of seating for greater practicality. Next generations became bigger and more gilded, until the pipeline was downsized in 1977 and again in 1980. Sales were dear until the Nineties, when great 2-door coupes became unpopular; output ceased afterwards 1997. In 2002, a reanimated 2-seat simulation was launched, was useable done the end of the 2005 modelling class.


Ternary men are mostly credited with creating the pilot Thunderbird: Lewis D. Crusoe, a retired GM administrator lured out of retreat by H Fording II; George Baby-walker, chieftain hairstylist and a Crossing vice-president; and Wiener Hershey, a Crossing couturier. Crusoe and Go-cart met in France in October 1951. Walk-to in the Thousand Palais in Paris, Crusoe pointed at a sports car and asked Baby-walker, ‘Why can’t we bear something ilk that?’

Pedestrian readily telephoned Crossing’s HQ in Dearborn and told architect Weenie Hershey some the approximation. Hershey took the thought and began running on the fomite. The construct was for a two-passenger outdoors car, with a aim weightiness of 2525 lb (1145 kg), an Interceptor V8 locomotive and a top hurrying of concluded 100 mph (160 km/h). Crusoe saw a multi-colored corpse simulation on May 18, 1953, which corresponded close to the net car; he gave the car the initiative in September abaft comparison it with flow European trends.

1968 Ford Thunderbird

Different the Corvette, the Thunderbird was ne’er a matured dissipated fomite; Fording’s description was personal luxuriousness car, and the companionship fundamentally created this mart section.

1968 Ford Thunderbird


Thither was around trouble in appellative the car, with suggestions ranging from the alien to the pathetic (Hep Cat, Stovepipe, Detroiter, Two-seater, Arcturus, Savile, El Tigre, and Coronado were submitted among the 5,000 suggestions). One good trace was Whizzer. Crusoe offered a $250 courting to anyone who could scrape with a amend epithet.

1968 Ford Thunderbird

Hairstylist Alden “Gib” Giberson submitted Thunderbird as parting of a lean. Giberson ne’er claimed his plunder, subsiding for a $95 lawsuit and an duplicate brace of trousers from Saks 5th Boulevard.

According to Decoration Springs Sprightliness clip, the car’s net epithet came not from the Indigene American symbolisation as one power look, but from an ultra-exclusive trapping pamphlet in what would late be merged as Rancho Mirage, California: Thunderbird High.

1967-1971 “Glamor Birds”

This 5th propagation saw the s major reorientation for the Thunderbird. Having touched from beingness a runabout quasi-sports car in 1955-1957 to a four-seater personal opulence car in 1958, the Thunderbird had essentially remained the like in construct done 1966, tied though the styling had been updated doubly. The entry of the Crossing Mustang in other 1964 (as a 1965 framework) had, nonetheless, challenged the Thunderbird’s marketplace position. It, alike the Thunderbird, was a diminished, two-door, four-seater with dissipated pretensions, but it was considerably cheaper. The Thunderbird’s sales suffered. Crossing’s reply was to actuate the Thunderbird upmarket, piece approximately fans of the greco-roman Thunderbird regard 1966 to be the conclusion class of interestingness.

For 1967 the Thunderbird would be a bigger car, moving it nearer to Lincoln as the accompany chose to underscore the “sumptuousness” share of the “personal lavishness car” identification. Over-the-counter companies had already through the like; the Buick Riviera, particularly.

Aware of the caller’s knotty experiences with the 1958 Lincolns, Fording chose to wantonness the Thunderbird’s traditional unibody building for this bigger car, turn to a body-on-frame method with advanced golosh mountings ‘tween the two to tighten quiver and haphazardness.

1968 Ford Thunderbird

The translatable, progressively a retard trafficker, was dropped. Alternatively, the caller introduced something new to the grocery section; a four-door modeling (“Fordor” in Fording idiom). Possibly to accentuate the Thunderbird’s nigher ties to the Lincoln brand as it stirred upmarket, the ass doors were backward-opening felo-de-se doors as on the Sixties Lincoln Continental. The four-door would rest useable done 1971 but ne’er generated significant sales.

The new 1968 Lincoln Continental Cross III was based on the four-door Thunderbird frame, and from that spot until the recent 1990s, Thunderbirds and Continental Marks were broadly related cars, the Thunderbird followers the Cross’s maturation to outrageousness in the 1972 simulation yr. The Quicksilver Panther besides oftentimes divided components.


The 1967 styling would be radically dissimilar from what came ahead. Crossing’s stylists delivered a group conformation that in many slipway awaited the styling trends of the future cinque eld. A agape across-the-board “fishmouth” strawman wicket that integrated secret headlights was the nigh obvious new characteristic. The looking was intelligibly influenced by the intakes on jet fighters such as the F-100 First-rate Saber, and was enhanced by the flush-fitting strawman bumper incorporating the ass “lip” of the “speak”.

1968 Ford Thunderbird

The sides were the barrel-like “fuselage” manner that became so democratic during this menses. The rap cable kicked up “coke-bottle” panache later the arse windows, again a styling trait that would evidence omnipresent. Prominent C-pillars (and a little “conventional” backside windowpane on the 4-door) meant hapless behind profile but were the manner of the clock.

The taillights spanned the full-of-the-moon breadth of the car, and featured, as in premature Thunderbird models, consecutive twist signals.

In 1971, Neiman Marcus offered “his and hers” Thunderbirds in its catalogue, with telephones, taping recorders and former niceties. They retailed for $25,000 for the brace.

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