1966 Ford Gt40

Ford GT40

The Fording GT40 chronicle starts abaft Fording failed to grow Ferrari, when enraged H Crossing II declared that he ‘treasured to win Le Mans in 1966’. In decree to attain this destination Fording Sophisticated Vehicles has be formed with the labor of creating a with-it GT car – a extremely sleek mid-engine coupe reinforced approximately the 1963 Indianapolis 4.2 l locomotive. Offset prototypes of the car were launched in April 1964 and named GT40 due to the fact the car was 40 inches heights. Ternary Fording GT40s contend at the 1964 Le Mans and scorn the fact that none of them ruined the slipstream a new run lap immortalize was set of 3:49.4 (131.7 mph).

1966 Ford Gt40

In 1965 Carroll Shelby’s Shelby-American took concluded the externalise and around major changes had been made. Nigh pregnant the locomotive was replaced by the Shelby Cobra derived 4.7-litre 289 three-dimensional in V-8 underdeveloped 385bhp. Colotti straight-cut gears were replaced with Fording spiraling gears, improvements were made to the clasp, crusade spear and the fire eat arrangement. Lots aid was too gainful to meliorate chilling and aeromechanics. The enhanced Crossing GT40 made it’s launching in the Daytona Continental Raceway in February 1965 pickings outset and 3rd office. Unluckily none of the cars managed to discharge the Le Mans the twelvemonth.

By mid-1965 Fording GT40 has reached sufficient grade of ontogenesis to be produced in greater numbers. In rescript to timbre for the Output Sports Car family 50 GT40s were made. Ultimately in 1966 Fording would observe all iii stump floater in Le Mans, and reign the sports car racing man.

1966 Ford Gt40

The awaited street-legal rendering was introduced in 1966 and with a terms tag of &lbf.;7,253 (15x the damage of an entrance story Crossing Anglia) was named ‘the virtually expensive Crossing e’er’. Lonesome 31 cars were produced.


1966 Ford Gt40
  • 380bhp, 4,728cc (289 cu. in.) viewgraph valve V-8 locomotive
  • five-speed ZF gearbox
  • autonomous strawman reprieve via reduplicate wishbones with whorl springs
  • free-lance backside reprieve via tracking links, glower wishbones and volute springs
  • four-wheeled record brakes
  • Wheelbase: 95in. (2,413mm)
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