1966 Bmw 1600 2

BMW 1600-2

The BMW New Year was a occupation of squeeze sedans launched with the 1962 1500. The four-cylinder BMW M10 locomotive secondhand in these cars grew o’er the age from 1.5 to 1.6, 1.8, and 2.0 L with the names ever-changing to excogitate this.

1966 Bmw 1600 2

The New Year models featured a full fencesitter abatement with MacPherson struts ahead and figurehead platter brakes.

The saloon models (with numbers termination in “0”) were replaced by the bigger BMW 5 Serial in 1972. The ’02 serial is not role of the New Family. The upscale 2000C and 2000CS coupes were replaced by the six-cylinder BMW E9 coupes, introduced in 1969 with the 2800CS.

1966 Bmw 1600 2

Although they divided mechanicals such as engines, gearboxes, and differentials, the four-door New Grade models divided lilliputian else in damage of parts and pattern with the two-door models.

BMW 1600 (2 door)

The 1600-2 or 1602 appeared in 1966 and was sold done 1975. Exponent production was capable 96 hp (71 kW) revenue with 91 ft·pound (123 N·m) of torsion. Route & Racetrack was impressed by the 1968 1602 coupe, vocation it “a big machine at the terms”, which was $2676.

1966 Bmw 1600 2

A limited-production cab was produced by Baur from 1967 done 1971, and a 2-door coupe variant, the 1600ti, featured the threefold Solex PHH position gulp carburetors (as institute on the 1800TI) and 105 hp (77 kW) for 1967 and 1968. A hatchback 1600 Touring modeling was produced in 1971 and 1972.

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