1966 Bentley T1

Bentley T1

The Bentley T-Series was fifty-fifty more seldom reinforced than the Rolls Royce Silver-tongued Phantom. The Bentley organism technically an indistinguishable match of the Rolls Royce seems to bear been bought largely by owners want a footling more understatement. The once more coltish simulacrum of Bentley centrifugal cars differing from Rolls Royces was bygone by the meter the Fluent Phantasma/Bentley T was introduced and therefore couldn’t propel buyers any more. The outwards show of a Bentley T is slimly more active because the cowl excogitation is a few centimeters frown and the radiator shield form with its rounded edges is sander.

1966 Bentley T1

The T1 was made from 1967-1977 and the T2 was made from 1977-1980.


1966 Bentley T1

T1: 1868
– T1 ginmill (1965-1977): 1703
– T1 hanker wheelbase (1971-1976): 9
– Bentley T1 two doorway taphouse (1966-1971): 114 (15 by James Untested)
– T1 takeoveré by Pininfarina (1968): 1
– T1 transmutable (1967-1971): 41
T2: 568
– T2 (1977-1980): 558
– T2 foresighted wheelbase (1977-1980): 10

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