1965 Renault 1

Renault 16

The Renault 16 was an administrator car produced by French producer Renault ‘tween 1965 and 1980 in Sandouville, Le Havre, France.

1965 Renault 1

The R16 was voted European Car of the Twelvemonth by a plank of European motoring journalists in 1966. Concluded 1,845,959 R16s were produced during the modeling’s lifespan.

In the fall of 1965, Renault launched one of the reality’s offset hatchbacks – a center movement ‘tween a barroom and demesne bodystyle which would finally turn the virtually pop car bodystyle in the humanity.

1965 Renault 1

It sold good in virtually of Europe, victorious extolment for its wide and well-off home. Equipment levels were too highschool for the toll. Initially, Renault sold the R16 with fair a 1.4 L gasolene locomotive in GL stipulation; so followed the 1.6 L TS which could top 100 mph. The top-line framework was the TX, which was launched in 1973 and had a 5-speed manual infection. Equipment included index windows and key threshold lockup, features antecedently unidentified on phratry cars in Europe.

Output of the Renault 16 lasted until 1980 when it was lastly replaced by the less successful Renault 20. Flush by this stagecoach, when it was near 15 age old, the Renault 16 was lull one of the nearly democratic and extremely rated folk cars on sale in Europe. Flow Renault styling head Patrick le Quement has made no mystery his wonder for the R16 – and corporate a pernicious testimonial to its “bird-beak” wicket in the incarnate expression he devised for many of the models (Lagoon, Mégane, Scénic) that the accompany launched in the Nineties.

1965 Renault 1

By the clip the Renault 16 ceased yield virtually early European manufacturers had leastways one hatchback on sale, with the thought barely start to abrade on Asian and American makers. The nearly important hatchbacks influenced by the Renault 16 ‘tween 1965 and 1979 admit the next: Austin Maxi (1969), Decree 127 (1971), Peugeot 104 (1972), Volkswagen Golf (1974), Chrysler Alpine (1975), Opel Kadett Metropolis (1975), Roamer SD1 (1976), Fording Fete (1977), and the Chrysler Skyline (1977).

1965 Renault 16


1965 Renault 1
  • Grand 1964 – Offset prescribed pictures of the R16 are released to the media.
  • December 2, 1964 – The low R16 is realized at the mill in Sandouville, cheeseparing Le Havre, a adroitness purpose-made for the R16.
  • January 5, 1965 – The Renault 16 is introduced to the humans and the closet in a intro on the Côte-d’Azur.
  • April 1965 – The R16 is made useable to the world, in two specifications: G Deluxe and A-one, both powered by a 1470cc locomotive
  • 1967 – Respiration and heat are both improved, and the splashboard is redesigned. An mechanically operated strangle is likewise made uncommitted.
  • 1968 – The 16 TS is introduced. It features a new 1565cc locomotive, an all-new board that included a tach and urine temperature bore, and many early new features including two-speed windshield wipers, bottom deicer, rider version lightness, and optional mightiness windows.
  • 1969 – The former R16 models get the wheels and brakes of the TS. Reversion lights are installed as touchstone on the TS, located nether the taillights (they are optional on former models).
  • 1969 – The R16 TA, with an robotlike transmittance, is introduced. The TA is efficaciously a R16 A-one with around features from the TS.
  • 1970 – Breast seatbelts are installed on all R16s.
  • 1971 – The R16 undergoes a meek vamp. Among the virtually obvious changes are new orthogonal taillights. The M Deluxe and A-one are replaced by the L and TL specifications, and a edition of the TS’s 1565cc locomotive (with the cylinderhead from the 1470cc) is installed on both. The TA is discontinued and an robotic transmittal is made usable as an pick crossways the unhurt R16 scope.
  • 1973 – An upmarket 16 TX framework is introduced at the Paris Centrifugal Read, furnished with a 1647cc locomotive (an magnified variant of the TS locomotive) and a five-speed manual transmitting. The TX was distinct from early R16s on the outside by its quartet orthogonal headlights with great trafficator lights underneath. Among the otc features uncommitted on the TX were Gordini wheels, a backside coddler, a bottom wiper, a laminated windshield, reflex seatbelts, ability windows, fundamental lockup and optional air conditioning.
  • 1974 – The al grillwork on L, TL and TS is replaced by a blackness moldable grillwork.
  • 1976 – The reflexive transmitting ceased to be uncommitted as an choice on the L, TL and TS; yet, a TL Machinelike framework was launched.
  • 1977 – The L and TS are discontinued.
  • 1978 – Blow lights are installed as banner on all models.
  • 1979 – Ass three-point seatbelts are made stock on all models. The TL Robotic is discontinued.
  • January 1980 – R16 yield ends.
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