1965 Aston Martin Db6

Aston Martin DB6

The Aston Martin DB6 was the beginning Aston Martin to extend the describe Volante – which substance “fast” in Italian. It was in fact the finale xxxvii Aston Martin DB5 flesh that were exploited to bod the short-chassis Volantes and were realized ‘tween October 1965 and October 1966.

1965 Aston Martin Db6

Although clear derived from the Aston Martin DB4 done the DB5, the new modeling was proclaimed at the London Centrifugal Establish in October 1965. The well-nigh detectable styling commute on the Aston Martin DB6 was the despoiler – so called a Kamm arse – structured into the poop of the car, which improved heights velocity stableness. The rent movement and behind bumpers; a redesigned oil tank possibility in the breast pelmet, a higher ceiling (136 cm) and thirster wheelbase (258.5 cm), 9.5 cm more the DB5, big an boilersuit distance of 462 cm.

Aston Martin DB6 Technical Specifications

1965 Aston Martin Db6
  • Locomotive: dohc I-6, 3995 cc, 282 bhp @ 5500 rpm, 288 lbs-ft @ 3850 rpm (Advantage: 325 bhp @ 5750 rpm)
  • Transmittal: ZF 5-speed overuse manual or Borg-Warner 3-speed reflex
  • Hiatus
  • Strawman: upper-and-lower A-arms, helix springs, anti-roll bar
  • Bum: know axle, W linkage, tracking links, volute springs
  • Brakes: Servomechanical aided forepart/bum discs
  • Wheelbase: 8’6″ (2585 mm)
  • Weighting: 1474 kg (3250 Ibs)
  • Top Velocity: 148 mph
  • 0-60 mph: 6.1 sec.
  • Toll New: &hammer; 4,998 (Barroom)
  • Output: 1327 (Excluding Volante)
  • Output Dates: October 1965 – July 1969
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