1962 Lotus Elan

Lotus Elan

The Lotus Zeal was launched in October 1962 at the British Motorshow, fair as the Mid-sixties started vacillation. Panther had launched the E-Type the premature twelvemonth, and AC had the Cobra and Ferrari the GTO. Big, expensive, potent muscles cars. The Lotus Dash was rattling dissimilar, and typically Lotus – extremist forward-looking, jackanapes, speedy and brobdingnagian fun.

1962 Lotus Elan

It summed up the 1960s: a playful bare-breasted two-seat tag to exemption, it was technically advanced with the offset grit pipe figure of any route car, a fibreglass consistence, four-wheeled freelancer dangling, 670kg with a dandy power-to-weight proportion, blast with-it styling love by Kings Route cruisers, and a liberating, rock’n’roll posture.

It came with luxuries that were a peculiarity at the meter, similar galvanizing windows, carpets, a fastball, and modish wooden dashboard, but it was silence igniter sufficiency on the scales to outrun over-the-counter self-propelling challenger – not to note groupies.

1962 Lotus Elan

The Lotus Ardor Dash, a more herculean 1973 alternate, could hit 60mph in 6.6 seconds, which flush now would be considered creditably quick. Backrest so it was Neil Armstrong dominion.

Its pop-fly headlights could heartbeat at admirers. It sour heads on Carnaby Street, where the Vacillation Mid-sixties embraced aplomb new invention. Likewise as its sex TV, defeating baddies and complimenting Diana Rigg’s risqué closet, it constitute its way onto a clip binding with Jimi Hendrix sitting on the hood, and fifty-fifty divine the lyrics to The Beatles’ A Day In The Aliveness.

1962 Lotus Elan

The Flair was Lotus’ biggest commercial-grade achiever thereto pointedness, revitalising a caller stretched cut by the more alien but successively more dear to acquire Elect. Quartet unlike serial were produced up until 1973, including a coupe interpretation. Xvii 1000 master examples, including the Flair +2, were produced.

1962 Lotus Elan

The car was intentional by Ron Hickman, who went on to piddle millions when he patented the Blacken & Decker WorkMate. He died finale yr, having earned an OBE for services to industrial foundation.

The Lotus Zeal was the designing aspiration for the Mazda MX-5, which was one of the biggest merchandising sports cars of the Nineties, and it’s intelligibly the engender of the Lotus Elise, which has been a basic of the Lotus line-up since 1996 and is on its tertiary development.

1962 Lotus Elan

The tardy motoring diarist LKJ Setright summed up the Dash when, in the former Sixties, he wrote poetically, “The packet that results may not entreaty to those learned to jurist a car by the close of the doorway, the profoundness of the upholstery or the weightiness of the rouge; but to those whose sultry and intellectual appreciations of motoring whirl more relevant criteria, the Lotus is as practically a car for impulsive as a home by Le Corbusier is a automobile for keep.”

L days on, the Lotus Flair has ne’er asleep out of manner.

A little more Lotus Elan history

Commencement introduced in 1962 as a runabout (Drib Psyche), an optional hardtop was offered in 1963 and a takeoveré (Frozen Nous) variant in 1965. It was the commencement Lotus route car to use the a brand moxie figure, a engineering that continued until 1995 on all Lotus route cars including the Europa, Surpass and the Esprit supercar, when it was replaced by the Elise’s astonishing extruded and bonded Al build sub build with a chalk strengthened complex consistency.

1962 Lotus Elan

It was besides useable as a kit to be assembled by the client. Although a kit was not rattling the scoop description of these cars – they could well be assembled in a weekend, as solitary a few key components had to be paired unitedly.

The Lotus Zeal was technologically ripe with a twin-cam 1558cc locomotive (former Elans in 1962 came with a 1.5 liter locomotive), 4-wheel platter brakes, and 4-wheel mugwump abatement.

Mirroring the ever-changing life-style of Lotus father, Colin Chapman, an Style +2 was introduced in 1967 with two bum seating. These behind seating were press but by no substance episodic and it’s not co-occurrence that it dead accommodated Colin’s maturation phratry – a car foreman has to be capable to use his own cars abaft all!

Lotus Ardour output ruined in 1972 and the +2 terminated two eld posterior. With a output run of 17,392 cars, the Style class was one of the virtually successful in Lotus’ chronicle, surpassed lone by the Elise. In the Seventies with Lotus’ unprecedented achiever on the racecourse, peculiarly in F1, Colin Chapman introduced the now fabled Lotus Esprit, Elite and Plaudits ranges, fetching Lotus into the higher evaluate marketplace and introducing the steel to the hex and mundanity of supercar district.

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