1962 Fiat 1500 L

Fiat 1500 L

The Rescript 1300 and Edict 1500 were big folk cars manufactured by the Italian carmaker Edict Motorcar from 1961 to 1967, which replaced the Order 1200. The 1300 and 1500 were fundamentally virtually superposable, but differed in locomotive supplanting, as indicated by example names. They were useable as a barroom and land, and spawned a transformable rendering, which divided picayune automatically with the over-the-counter personify styles demur the 1500 locomotive.

1962 Fiat 1500 L

The 1300/1500 and their derivatives were besides assembled by the Yugoslavian Zastava and Order’s German supplementary, Neckar Automobil AG. The floorpan of the 1500C was exploited as a foundation for its replacing, the Order 125, piece another modeling, the Polski Rescript 125p, made by the Glossiness FSO, was created by union the consistence of 125 and mechanicals (engines, gearbox, infection, abatement) of 1300/1500. In the Italian reach, the 1300 was replaced by the Decree 124 in 1966, and the 1500 by the Decree 125 a class after.


The 1300/1500 were established cars, with longways, front-mounted engines powering the bottom axle via a four-speed manual infection. The engines employed were two versions of the like pattern, differing in caliber:

  • Edict 1300 – 1295cc (aegir 72 x diagonal 79.5mm) ohv 4-cyl in-line with 65bhp @ 5,200rpm
  • Rescript 1500 – 1481cc (calibre 77 x diagonal 79.5mm) ohv 4-cyl in-line with 72bhp @ 5,200rpm
  • Both variants started with a wheelbase of 242.5 cm, but from 1964 the wheelbase of Order 1500 was increased to 250.5 cm.

    1962 Fiat 1500 L

    Other versions

    Decree 1500 L / 1500 Taxicab

    These models were basically Decree 1800s fitted with the 1500 locomotive, and consequently referred to as “1500” in Edict language. The Cab interpretation debuted in 1962 and had the locomotive derated to 60 hp. The 1500 L (for “Lunga” – Italian for “hanker”) earlier had the like 72 hp locomotive as the steady 1500, and in 1964 was upgraded to 75 hp on with the Edict 1500 C.

    Siata 1500TS

    1962 Fiat 1500 L

    Siata, the Italian tuning accessories and peculiar vehicles producer, devised a manakin called TS or 1500 TS that differed from the steady Decree bar in styling details, including two-tone rouge, but chiefly in the fact that the locomotive was tuned to present as often as 94 bhp. Furthermore, thither was a 1500TS Takeoveré interpretation with a unequalled consistence intentional by Giovanni Michelotti. Both the bar and the takeoveré were besides manufactured by Edict’s German subordinate, Neckar Automobil AG, erst known as NSU-Fiat, placed in Heilbronn (different even Order 1300/1500).

    Zastava 1300/1500

    1962 Fiat 1500 L

    The Yugoslavian carmaker Crvena Zastava, which was extensively cooperating with Rescript, too assembled the 1300 and 1500, stigmatisation them as Zastava 1300 and Zastava 1500, severally.

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