1955 Ford Thunderbird

Ford Thunderbird

The Fording Thunderbird is a car manufactured in the Joined States by the Fording Centrifugal Troupe. It entered output for the 1955 framework class as a roadster clean car; dissimilar the superficially like (and somewhat earliest) Chevrolet Corvette, the Thunderbird was ne’er sold as a matured sports car. Crossing described it as a personal lavishness car, a description which named a new grocery section. In 1958, the Thunderbird gained a secondment row of seating for greater practicality. Future generations became bigger and more voluptuous, until the pipeline was downsized in 1977 and again in 1980. Sales were beneficial until the Nineties, when great 2-door coupes became unpopular; output ceased astern 1997. In 2002, a reanimated 2-seat framework was launched, was usable done the end of the 2005 example class.

1955 Ford Thunderbird


Deuce-ace men are loosely credited with creating the archetype Thunderbird: Lewis D. Crusoe, a retired GM administrator lured out of retreat by H Fording II; George Footer, foreman hairdresser and a Crossing vice-president; and Dog Hershey, a Crossing architect. Crusoe and Footer met in France in October 1951. Walk-to in the 1000 Palais in Paris, Crusoe pointed at a sports car and asked Pedestrian, ‘Why can’t we deliver something comparable that?’

Zimmer readily telephoned Fording’s HQ in Dearborn and told decorator Postmark Hershey approximately the approximation. Hershey took the thought and began workings on the fomite. The conception was for a two-passenger spread car, with a aim burthen of 2525 lb (1145 kg), an Interceptor V8 locomotive and a top amphetamine of concluded 100 mph (160 km/h). Crusoe saw a multi-coloured remains example on May 18, 1953, which corresponded intimately to the concluding car; he gave the car the enterprisingness in September afterward comparison it with flow European trends.

1955 Ford Thunderbird

Dissimilar the Corvette, the Thunderbird was ne’er a matured betting fomite; Crossing’s description was personal sumptuosity car, and the fellowship basically created this marketplace section.

1955 Ford Thunderbird


Thither was approximately trouble in appointment the car, with suggestions ranging from the alien to the ludicrous (Hep Cat, Topper, Detroiter, Two-seater, Arcturus, Savile, El Tigre, and Coronado were submitted among the 5,000 suggestions). One grievous proposition was Whizzer. Crusoe offered a $250 wooing to anyone who could scratch with a meliorate diagnose.

1955 Ford Thunderbird

Hairstylist Alden “Gib” Giberson submitted Thunderbird as contribution of a number. Giberson ne’er claimed his award, subsiding for a $95 lawsuit and an redundant couplet of trousers from Saks One-fifth Boulevard.

According to Thenar Springs Liveliness mag, the car’s terminal diagnose came not from the Aborigine American symbolisation as one power gestate, but from an ultra-exclusive caparison pathway in what would ulterior be integrated as Rancho Mirage, California: Thunderbird High.

1955-1957 “Classic Birds” or “Little Birds”

The car was shown at the commencement postwar Detroit Car Read on February 20, 1954. The commencement product car came off the pipeline on September 9, 1954. It went on sale on October 22, 1954) as a 1955 exemplar, and sold briskly; 3,500 orders were situated in the beginning ten years of sale. Fording had lonesome projecting edifice 10,000; eventual 1955 sales were 16,155.

As measure, the 1955 Thunderbird included a obliterable fibreglass top; a textile translatable top was an pick, although usually specified. The alone locomotive selection was a 292 Y-block V8. The exhausts exited done similitude “bullets” supra the back bumper, as was the style.

For the 1956 exemplar, Fording made around changes. To spring more body blank, the bare rack was mounted external, Continental-style; the exhausts were touched to the ends of the bumper. Air vents were added bum the movement wheels to ameliorate cabin breathing. To meliorate rear-quarter profile with the obliterable hardtop in spot, “port” windows were made uncommitted as a no-cost choice. An optional 312 Y-block V8 was made useable for those that precious more execution.

1956 sales were 15,631, the last-place of all iii 2-seater Thunderbird exemplar age.

For 1957, a more theme restyle was performed. The strawman bumper was reshaped, with heavier sides, “bullets” at the ends of the lattice, and the part downstairs the grill falling polish. The wicket was bigger. The tailfins were made bigger, more pointed, and leaning outbound; bigger rung tail-lights were fitted. The bare pedal touched privileged the body again, which had been redesigned to countenance it to be mounted vertically and resume less distance. The english “Thunderbird” book touched from the fins to the battlefront fenders. The styling was so influential, the posterior British Anglia caliber an unearthly resemblance thereto. The Corsair was heavy influenced by the late “Slug hiss” of 1961-63.

1955 Ford Thunderbird

Locomotive options increased, because Fording went racing with the Thunderbird that yr. Besides as the received 292 and 312 engines, versions of the 312 were produced in higher states of melody, and evening a few McCulloch charged versions, rated at 300 and 340 hp severally.

1957 sales were 21,380, including iii supererogatory months of yield because the 1958 models were previous.

1955 Ford Thunderbird

The 1957 Thunderbird would be the finale runabout Crossing e’er reinforced and sold to the world until the 1982 Fording EXP.

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