1954 Mercedes Benz 220 A

Mercedes-Benz 220 a

The W187 was Mercedes-Benz’s pipeline of six-cylinder luxuriousness cars in the early-1950s. It was sold as a saloon, coupe, and cab, all with the 220 example distinguish. Introduced at the Frankfurt Centrifugal Display in 1951, the 220 saloon was replaced by the W105/W180 job in 1953. The coupe and cab lasted until Revered of 1955.

1954 Mercedes Benz 220 A

All 220s victimized a 2.2 L (2195 cc/133 in³) straight-6 locomotive producing 80 hp (60 kW). The styling was like to the 170 S demur that the headlights were incorporate into the fenders for a slenderly more modernistic feel. Two unlike cab models were reinforced, but they lonesome sold 1,278 and 997 for the “A” and “B” versions, severally.

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