1954 Lancia Aurelia B24 Spider

Lancia Aurelia B24 Spider

he Lancia Aurelia is considered by many to be the outset truthful Grandmother Turismo machine. Intentional by Vittorio Jano, the Aurelia was launched in 1950 and output lasted done the summertime of 1958.

The Aurelia exploited the outset product V6 locomotive, a 60° conception highly-developed by de Virgilio, a Lancia orchestrate who worked below Jano which grew from 1.8 L to 2.5 L. It was an all-alloy pushrod invention with a ace camshaft betwixt the cylinder banks. A hemispherical burning bedroom and inline valves were exploited. A i Wb 40 carburetor realized the locomotive.

At the behind was an forward-looking combining transaxle with the gearbox, batch, derivative, and inboard-mounted cram brakes. The breast dangling was a sliding mainstay invention, with bum semi-trailing blazonry replaced by a de Dion subway in the Quarter serial.

First series

The identical beginning Aurelias were the B10 berlinas (sedans). They victimized a 1754 cc variation of the V6 which produced 56 hp. The B21 was released in 1951 with a bigger 1991 cc 70 hp locomotive. A 2-door B20 GT takeoveré appeared that like yr. It had a shorter wheelbase and a Ghia-designed, Pininfarina-built consistency. The like 1991 cc locomotive produced 75 hp in the B20. Altogether, 500 beginning serial Aurelias were produced.

Second series

The indorsement serial Aurelia coupe pushed superpower capable 80 hp from the 1991 cc V6 with a higher concretion proportion and repositioned valves. Early changes included punter brakes and fry styling tweaks, such as chromed bumpers alternatively of the al ones victimised in the originally car. . A new splasher featured two bigger tool gauges. The abeyance was unaltered from the offset serial. A new B22 saloon was released in 1952 with twofold Webers and a hotter camshaft for 90 hp.

1954 Lancia Aurelia B24 Spider

Third series

1954 Lancia Aurelia B24 Spider

The tertiary serial appeared in 1953 with a bigger 2451 cc variant of the locomotive. The bottom of the car helpless the tailfins of the sooner serial, but was advantageously solved in a classical seek the Aurelia coupe.

Fourth series

The 4th serial introduced the new de Dion metro arse reprieve. The locomotive was changed from whiten alloy bearings to casing bearings. An spread car, the B24 Wanderer was introduced at this clip (1954 to 1955) and was easily standard. It was exchangeable to the B20 takeoveré automatically, with an 8 in shorter wheelbase than the takeoveré.

The fourthly serial cars were the beginning Aurelias to be usable in left campaign; one-fourth serial Aurelias were the outset ones to be imported to the US in any routine.

Fifth series

The 5th serial putsché, appearance in 1956, was more luxury-oriented. It had a unlike transaxle (cleave cause), which was more rich and like thereto exploited in the afterward Flaminias. The driveshaft was too revised to slenderize quivering.

Aboard the one-fifth serial takeoverés was a revised unfold car, the B24 translatable. This differed from the originally B24 Wanderer, having roll-up windows, improve seats situation, and a windshield with air windows. In mechanical aspects, the B24 transformable was like to the coupe of the like serial.

Sixth series

Superpower was polish to 112 hp for the 1957 one-sixth serial, with increased torsion to set-back the greater weightiness of the after car. The 6th serial takeoverés had volcano windows, and typically a chromium-plate disrobe the cap. They were the nigh touring orientated of the B20’s.

The one-sixth serial B24 transmutable was selfsame standardized to the 5th serial, with approximately tiddler differences in shave. About notably, the fire cooler was in the body, not butt the seating as it was in the 4th and one-fifth serial afford cars. This modification, nevertheless, did not give for the beginning 150 6th serial cars, which were wish the one-fifth serial. The one-sixth serial convertibles too featured unlike seating than either both earliest cars.

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