1948 Jeep Jeepster

Jeep Jeepster

The archetype Jeepster (“VJ” internally) was produced from 1948 done 1950, although around unexpended models were sold below the 1951 framework class. Subsequently Humanity War II, Landrover earmark possessor, Willys, believed that the commercialize for the military-type Landrover would be special to farmers and foresters, consequently they began producing the “CJ” (or Civilian Landrover) to fulfill this ontogenesis section too as producing the new Landrover Waggon in 1946, then the Landrover Motortruck in 1947. Realizing a gap in their line up, Willys highly-developed the Jeepster to crossing from their “useful” case motortruck vehicles, to the rider car mart. The car (from 1948 to 1950) was earlier just offered with rear-wheel thrust, constrictive its charm with traditional Landrover fans. Piece its typical boxlike styling (created by industrial decorator Brooks Stevens) was a hit with critics, it did not twig with the intended commercialize section. Sales were besides express by thin ad. Finally, 19,132 archetype VJ Jeepsters were produced (1948 – 10,326; 1949 – 2,960; 1950 – 5,836).

1948 Jeep Jeepster

The VJ Jeepster was powered by the 62 hp (53 kW) “Go Daimon” locomotive, a 134 CID (2.2 L) straight-4 besides victimized in the CJ. A 3-speed manual infection with optional overuse was victimised, as were bone brakes all roughly. The fomite’s forepart and individual transversal leafage leap dangling, was from the Willys Wagon, as was the back driveline. The flat-top back fenders were copied from the Landrover motortruck cable, as were the duet of longitudinal bum folio springs.


1948 Jeep Jeepster
  • 1948-1950 – L134 Go Demon I4 – 134.1 CID (2,197 cc)
  • 1949-1950 – L148 Lightning I6 -148.5 CID (2,433 cc)
  • 1950 – F134 Hurricane I4 -134.2 CID (2,199 cc)
  • 1950 – L161 Lightning I6 -161 CID (2,638 cc)
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