1928 Lancia Lambda

Lancia Lambda

The Lancia Lambda was an modern motorcar produced from 1922 done 1931. It was the offset car to sport a supporting monocoque-type soundbox, and it too pioneered the use of an freelancer abatement (the presence sliding mainstay with curl springs). Lancia eve invented a shock for the car. Some 11,200 Lambdas were produced.

1928 Lancia Lambda

The narrow-angle aluminium Lancia V4 locomotive was too celebrated. All ternary displacements divided the like farseeing 120 mm stroking, and all were SOHC designs with a i camshaft service both banks of cylinders.


1928 Lancia Lambda
  • 2119 cc (75 mm eagre, 13° vee), 49 hp (36.5 kW) at 3250 rpm
  • 2370 cc (79.37 mm calibre, 14° vee), 59 hp (44 kW) at 3250 rpm
  • 2568 cc (82.55 mm eagre, 13°40′ vee), 69 hp (51.5 kW) at 3500 rpm
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